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(People At Nilfisk Investment Club)


The mission statement of PANIC (People At Nilfisk Investment Club) is to collectively double our investment in 5 years. This goal will require a 15% annual, compounding return. PANIC believes the proven NIAC principles of investing regularly, reinvesting earnings, investing in growth companies, and diversifying to reduce risk will contribute to the success of the partnership.


PANIC is an active investment club created for fun, education, and above all, profit. This is a get-rich-slow method not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are looking for an investment vehicle in which you put your money in and it magically grows, this is not it. Investing at a level that beats the S&P consistently takes work and partners must be willing to continually improve their level of knowledge. New partners are not required to have any knowledge about investing when they apply, but a persistent drive to learn and succeed is mandatory.


PANIC is looking to leverage the collective knowledge of all of its partners. A diverse team of individuals with common goals and interests will help PANIC partners to accomplish much more than any one person could do alone. In addition to the synergistic effect of group investing, PANIC partners also enjoy the benefit of decreased personal risk through easier diversification. The combined capital of all the partners offers an opportunity for each member to become more diverse than they could by investing



That being said, the market is not all unicorns and rainbows; Corrections, Bubbles, Crashes, and yes even Panics all happen. Partners in PANIC should be of the brood that looks for opportunities amongst the craziness.


Those looking to apply for Partnership should be willing to attend monthly club meetings, pay annual club dues, contribute regularly to the portfolio, and devote a minimum amount of time outside of club meetings.