The 5 Rules For Successful Stock Investing

This easy to read book, written by Pat Dorsey, the former Director of Equity Research for, gives a good overview of concepts and terms you need to know to become a successful stock investor. It also gives an introductory description of financial analysis tools that will help you in making good investing decisions.

If your investment club is new, you'll find this a good, fundamental introduction to investing in the stock market. If your club has been around for a while, you'll find the information presented will spark good club discussions. It will give you many topics to think about as you evaluate and improve your own stock picking procedures.

The Quizzes and Answer sheets below go with each chapter or chapter subsection (new ones will be added each month until there is a set for all of them).

If you need an educational topic for your club meetings, have everyone read one chapter or subsection a month. Answer the questions as a group during your meeting. This addition to your readings will really help you focus and assimilate the information presented.

If your members would like to test themselves online at home, they can use the Quizlet link to do so.

Forward and Introduction Questions, Answers, Quizlet
Chapter 1 - 5 Rules for Stock Investing, Economic Moats, When to Sell

Questions, Answers, Quizlet

Chapter 2 - 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Questions, Answers, Quizlet



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