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Quality Companies...What they are and how to find them
Download Power Point Presentation
Download Presentation Handout

Value Line Cheat Sheet for Toolkit 4
Download Power Point Presentation

The SSG - Part 1 & 2...A Presentation about Quality
Download Power Point Presentation

The SSG - Parts 3, 4, & 5"...A Presentation about Value
Download Power Point Presentation
    Download Presentation Handout

Researching Stocks...The Other 20%
Download Presentation Handout

Updating Companies
How to perform monthly/quarterly updates in Toolkit.
     Download Power Point Presentation

Introduction to the PERT
A look at portfolio Management
     Download Power Point Presentation
  Portfolio Management Workshop with Ellis Traub

Retail Store Industry Study
Download Power Point Presentation

The Income Statement
First in a series of basic financial statement analysis
      Download Power Point Presentation

The Balance Sheet
Second in a series of basic financial statement analysis
      Download Power Point Presentation

The Cash Flow Statement 
Third in a series of basic financial statement analysis
      Download Power Point Presentation

Annual Report Analysis
The final in a series of basic financial statement analysis
      Download Presentation Handout
Download the Spreadsheet used in this Lesson

When to Sell
An overview of what to look for  
                              Download Power Point Presentation                                 

Other Educational Fare

Educational Websites:
   Investing for Beginners -
   Intro to Fundamental Analysis - Investopedia
   The Basics of Fundamental Analysis - The Street
   Learn to Invest - Moneychimp
   How to Invest in Drips - Motley Fool
   How to Analyze Banks - Motley Fool
   Cash Flow Cycle of a Firm - Dr. Ralph Grambo
   Advanced Tutorials - Expectations Investing
   Analyzing Annual Reports - Bob Adams
   Analyzing Annual Reports on Banks - Bob Adams
   How to Evaluate Management - Motley Fool 
   How to Invest in Retailers - Motley Fool
   Conference Call Tips - BestCall

   Toolkit Undocumented Features - Space Coast Chapter
   And don't miss the BI Community for help and workshops!

Educational Articles:
   Using ROE to Analyze Stocks - Ellis Traub
   What's a P/E, and What's it to Me? - Ellis Traub
   Understanding the Valuation Statement - Jeanne Squires
   Banks for Beginners - Ann Cuneaz (Just Brilliant!)

Educational Documents:
   Club Education Topic
   Earnings Seminar - Bloomberg University
   Economic Essentials - Bloomberg University
   Bank Stocks & the SSG
   Value Line Company Report Explanation
   Value Line Tutorial Workbook

   Annual Report Reg Flags - Ev Luecke
   9 Questions to Ask When Reading the Proxy - Ev Luecke
   Index of Cash Flow Articles on Motley Fool - Ev Leucke
   Contents of the 10K - Diane Graese
   Make Judgment Simple Summary - Nancy Crays

Educational Worksheets:
   One Page Stock Analysis - Kaush Meisheri, Ph.D.
   Annual Report Form - Bob Adams
   Diversified Financial Industry Worksheet
   Stock Selling Guide - Doug Gerlach
   To Sell or To Hold Check List - C. Mulder-Seward/N. Crays
   Red Flags Worksheet
   SSG Red Flags Check List - Betty Taylor
   Porter's 5 Industry Worksheet
   Retail Stock Check List

Club Education Assignments

Our club has learned to utilize Power Point and Audio Presentations from national investing
events, as well as the Continuous Classroom Discussions carried out on the Manifest Investing website
(which are truly inspirational!).  Between the two, we have more material that we have time to review! 
This is why we stopped creating as much homemade material.

If you enter our Miscellaneous Club Folder Section on Bivio, you will find an
Education Assignment Folder where we house a schedule of our monthly
programs.  Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we cannot post the actual lessons.
However, if you are interested in a specific lesson, please write to Lynn, our
webmistress, for information.  It may be available privately.