Crow River Investment Club
Meeting Rules

Formal parliamentary rules are meant to assist the meeting by clearly establishing the rules of order. They were originally written to protect the minority. Therefore, every matter should be fully discussed; each member has a right to his/her say; and every member has a right to understand any motion up for a vote.

Preparation is the key. Everyone needs to do his or her part by coming to the meetings prepared.

In order to move things along, itís important to know the by-laws of the club. Here are the ones that pertain to assembly:

a) Contact the President to place your items on the agenda and follow the agenda.
b) Dues are required at the time of the meeting, whether or not a member is present.
c) Attendance at regularly scheduled meetings is expected.
d) The meeting time is predefined. Be on time.
e) Resolutions passed by the club are to be carried out the next business day, unless otherwise stipulated by the resolution.
f) Participation is expected from all members.
g) All members have an equal vote, and a quorum of 2/3 of the members must
be present to vote.

Certain segments of the meeting should recognize formal parliamentary protocol. During these segments the President will have the chair. Itís the chairís responsibility to call on members and limit the topic and time of the speaker.

Obtaining the floor:

a) You shouldnít make a motion or speak unless you obtain the floor, by being recognized by the chair.
b) The chair will recognize a member by a showing of hands.
c) You shouldnít raise your hand until the current speaker has yielded the floor.
d) Once you obtain the floor, make your point and yield the floor back to the chair.

You are Out of Order when youÖ

a) Interrupt the speaker without obtaining the floor.
b) Raise your hand before the speaker has yielded the floor.
c) Revisit a topic that has already been tabled or voted upon.
d) Say "Move to the Question" during a debate, in order to get the President to wrap up the conversation. However, sometimes it may be the only way to get the meeting to move along.

  You are NOT Out of Order when youÖ

a) Canít hear or see.  To correct it...say ďI canít see or hear.Ē
b) Donít understand a motion being voted on...say "I donít understand the motion"
c) Notice the rules are not being followed...say "Point of Order"
d) Want to end a discussion, by calling for an object of consideration. You donít need to be recognized by the chair. An immediate vote is taken and a 2/3 quorum in favor will end the discussion...
1) say "Move to lay on the Table" to postpone a discussion to another time or meeting.
2) say "Move to Committee" if the subject needs more research.
3) say "Move to Postpone Indefinitely" to kill a discussion completely.

Other considerations:

a) Minutes do not need a motion to be approved--only accepted as written.
b) Club Agent and Treasurerís reports cannot be approved if not audited--only accepted.
c) For the Minutes, Club Agent and Treasurerís reports (or any other topic that is obviously not controversial), the President can move to accept without a motion, as long as they are not disputed.
d) All business should result in a motion or itís not important enough to be discussed. And, the President should always ask for "those in favor" and "those opposed", and the responses recorded as such.

Non-Stock-Related Business Issues:

Old Business means an issue is disposed of.

Unfinished Business means that we are continuing with matters, which are not currently complete. The chair should never ask the members for unfinished business. Only the Secretary can answer this question. Itís the Secretaryís responsibility to provide the Unfinished Business for the Presidentís agenda.

If an issue is tabled, or sent to committee, it remains Unfinished Business at the next meeting. If the issue isnít dealt with at the next meeting, it dies. In order to be revisited, it must be presented as New Business at a future meeting.

New Business, if serious in nature, should be presented to the President prior to the meeting, to be placed on the agenda. Only minor issues should be brought up during the New Business segment of the meeting without notice.

See the Standard Agenda for other notes.

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