Da Demo Club

Club Members

Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson is married and has two young children. Her husband has a good stable job with a great 401(K) but Megan is an entrepreneur and has her own startup business. This means she has to start and fund her own self-employed 401(K). She wants to learn more about investing that money. Megan has a take-charge personality so it was a perfect fit when she stepped up to be the club’s president.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a store manager. He has been somewhat interested in investing ever since his aunt gave him some stock in AAPL for Christmas one year. He has enjoyed watching it grow in value over the years and wants to learn more about how to evaluate other companies and add to his portfolio. As a store manager, Chris has always wanted to learn more about accounting so, even though he has no experience, he volunteered to be the treasurer for the club.

Justin Martinez

Justin Martinez is the oldest in the club and the one who originally started it. His grandfather got him interested in learning about stocks when Justin was in high school. Although he has more experience than anyone else in the club, he loves having a group to discuss ideas with. The different members bring interesting perspectives to the stock discussions because of their varied backgrounds and experiences. Justin enjoys being secretary because he knows it's important to document the decisions the club makes each month.

Ryan Washington

Ryan Washington recently got his Electrical Engineering degree from the local state university. While at school he was the star field goal kicker on the varsity football team. He is now working for a software startup company and is fortunate enough to have a little extra cash left over at the end of each month. He participates in his company’s 401(K) but he wanted to learn more about investing in individual stocks. That is why he joined the club.

Brittany Chastain

Brittany Chastain is a nurse and a single mother of a five year old. She has been putting money into a 529 college savings plan for her young one. The money has been going into an ETF Index fund. She has heard that she might be able to get a better return if she invests in individual stocks so she wants to learn how to pick good ones. She wants the college fund to be able to cover the cost of whatever school her young genius wants to go to. Harvard can be pricey.

Andy Green

Andy Green is a local subcontractor who was Ryan Washington’s roommate at college. He was always impressed with how smart he was. When he heard Ryan was joining an investment club he asked if he could join too. He knew nothing about stocks but it seemed like an interesting thing to do once a month, especially since all the other members seemed like an interesting group of people.

Jessica Chang

Jessica Chang is Ryan Washington’s long-time girlfriend. She got her double degree in graphics design and information systems. She is a freelancer and is crazy busy building websites for businesses all over the world. She really does not feel like she has time to learn about stocks but does not want to miss an opportunity to spend some time with Ryan and figures it can’t hurt to learn about stocks as well.


Rachel Kiklas is joining the club. The club is excited to have her as she seems like a classic overachiever. She has two jobs and is working on a degree at the local college by taking a few courses each semester. The club is not sure how she is going to find time to join them but they like her spirit. Andrew Green has been mentoring her for a few months to help her get up to speed on what she needs do and understand to be a good member. The club has a requirement that new members attend at least 3 meetings and present a stock study before they can join the group.

Annie Carlson

Annie Carlson is moving out of state to take care of her aging mother. She has been with the group for several years. She feels that during her membership she has learned a lot about companies and stocks. She has mirrored some of her club’s trades in her own IRA account and they have done pretty well. She thought about staying in the club and participating online but in the end she decided she would rather try to find a group in the town she is moving to. She really enjoys the monthly get together and it well help her meet some people in the new town. Some of her mother's friends have children who are members in a local group. They are eager to have Annie join them.