Stevo: Here is a kiss baby...

Jamie: Hmm I wonder if that chicken tastes as good as my thumb.

Madlin: Stop taking pictures of me Alex....




Duvia: Ohhh Alex stop it. I forgot my make-up.

Matt: I wonder if we should buy rum stock.

Felira: The camera is behind you dummy.


OK we already posed with Mac. Now, get him out of here.




Alejandro: I only drink coke.

Felira: That is right baby. I am the boss.




Alejandro: The boss you... Wait till we get home.

Felira: Hmm finally we are going to get kinky.




This are tortillas... Duhhhh...




one picture is worth one thousand words.




Two pictrures of the same are a waste of film.

Claudio: What a fart... hmmm

Auggie: I think Claudio just farted. Who care this stuff is good.

Stevo: I wonder who the hell just farted.