About Us:

Are you interested in learning more about investing by actually making some investments?    
Due to geographic diversity, we runs a hybrid online/in person club.  Members either come to meetings in person in Traverse City or attend meetings via GoTo Meeting.  This is a real club, making real
investments.   To join, you need to have an Internet connection (preferably broadband),  a headset and
microphone with a USB connection,  the ability to make regular electronic deposits to the brokerage
from your bank account and commit to learning the analysis techniques we use.  We use fundamental analysis techniques for selecting our investments.  You should be committed to attending meetings each month on the third Thursday of the month at 7PM as well as make monthly contributions of at least $25 to the club for investing.  You also have to understand and agree to the fact that club activities are open for public viewing.

For now, this club is open to Michigan residents only.
Just think, you can come to meetings from the comfort of your home, your winter place in Florida,
your vacation home etc. -- anywhere you have an internet connection.  Plus, you will have another
excuse to visit the beautiful Traverse City region and meet with us in person if you'd like.
More information can be found at our website www.bivio.com/northerntraders  You can email us at

Feel free to visit our meetings either in person or online to find out more about our activities.