Visteon was spun off from Ford Motors. I have written an article on the accounting treatment of the spin-off, which can be found at

Also, Ford entered into a complex merger/recapitialization transaction, which will be reported on separately.

Below are some excerpts from Visteon's Home Page, explaining the spin off. You can go to the Visteon Home Page by clicking on.......


Q: How can I contact Visteon Investor Relations?
A: Securities analysts and investors with business-related inquiries should call or email:
Kent Niederhofer
Director-Investor Relations

Tel: (313) 755 3699
Fax: (313) 755 7983
Email: <>

Q: How many shares of Visteon stock did Ford Motor Company shareholders receive?
A: Registered owners of Ford Motor Company common stock on June 12, 2000, received 0.130933 shares of Visteon Corporation common stock on June 28, 2000.

Q: How do I calculate the cost basis for my Visteon stock?
A: Based upon the average high and low composite prices of Ford and Visteon on the New York Stock Exchange on June 28, 2000, 96.07% of your pre-distribution tax basis in your Ford shares should be allocated to your Ford shares, and the remaining 3.93% should be allocated to your Visteon shares (including any fractional share interest). For example:

You should consult your tax advisor regarding the application of this calculation to your particular circumstances.

If you received cash in lieu of a fractional share, you will be treated as having sold the fraction for the amount of cash received, and you would report gain or loss on that sale equal to the difference between your basis in the fractional share of Visteon (determined using the above methodology) and the amount of cash received.

If you acquired Ford shares on more than one occasion, you will need to perform this calculation separately for each group of shares..