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Valuation Dates Survey Results

In April, 2010, there was a discussion about valuation dates on the treasurers email list. An informal survey form was created to allow clubs to share their choice of valuation dates anonymously. The data is presented here for all to review and potentially learn from. While there is no "right" answer for how your club should choose valuation dates, there are pros and cons to different choices. If you have questions about anything these clubs have shared, you're encouraged to bring it up for discussion, either on the BI treasurers list or the bivio club cafe message list. If you'd like to post your question anonymously, you can send it in using the link below and your topic will be brought up in a generic manner for others to comment on.
Submit Questions/comments about Valuation Dates

If you'd like to add your club's information to the data, you can do so using a form which you will find here:

What does your club use for valuation dates and why?

You can find a further discussion of valuation dates here:

Valuation Dates