Quest for Positive Relative Returns

Attic Investment Club


The red line on the graph below is your IRR for the 12 month time periods ending with the dates shown on the graph.
You can compare your IRR with the rate you could have gotten on a CD during the same time periods.



The green line on the graph below compares the rate of return you've achieved in your club relative to the rate of return
you would have achieved if you'd invested the same amounts at the same times in VFINX (The Vanguard Index 500 Fund).
Positive values mean you've made your money grow faster than the market return represented by the index fund.

The yellow line is shown for comparison. It is the average relative return for each time period for all clubs participating in the Quest for Positive Relative Returns.


Dates are the end points of successive 12 month time periods shown below.



Earn a yellow bivio friend when you achieve 3 periods of positive relative return. *

Green bivio friends are earned for every 4 yellow bivio friends**. Green bivio friends bring $30 in bivio bucks to your club to use toward renewing your subscription.

For more information about benchmarking, go to Benchmarking Your Portfolio
*Results shown reflect status of club records when chart was prepared.
**Subject to records verification. Contact for further details.