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Mankato Teachers Investment Club--Mankato, MN...MANTIC, an acronym for Mankato Teachers Investment Club, was organized by two of our present fourteen members in October of 1967. Over forty-two years ago our first discussions about forming a club were made during a faculty coffee break. We knew the market might give us the chance to retire with a little more than what we could expect on teachers' salaries and just might be a good savings tool also. We thought we could afford the minimum $10.00 a month investment required even if we lost it.? Our minimum payment is now $30.00 a month. Currently we have members making monthly payments from $30.00 to $100.00 (plus a few cents). Not in our wildest dreams did we expect that we would be in existence for forty-two years and that some individual accounts would exceed $100,000.00 (even after some earlier large withdrawals). More


Investigators Ink-Loveland, CO...In 1991 Investigator's Ink was founded by a group of Loveland ladies who were interested in learning as much as they could about investing and discovering from their learning the ups and downs of the market and investing. Presently, there are fourteen members and of our current membership six are founding members. All of these women who make up this club are successful in their own right and pillars in the Loveland community based on their hundreds of hours of volunteerism and community involvement. We are all retired or semi-retired with a thirst for knowledge and learning about our economy, the stock market and better investing opportunities. Like everyone, we have weathered the financial storm of the past couple of years and are in the quest for a brighter financial future. More


Maniacal Members of the Mausoleum--Victoria, BC...Strolling into one of our investment club meetings on October 7, 1999, Bivio took a seat like a welcome spirit we couldn't see. Little did we know that Bivio would guide this little band of schoolteachers for ten years - where we watched our account grow to half a million dollars. More


711 Investment Club--Fairfax, VA...There are a few older investment Clubs in the US and there are many fine investment clubs in the US. That said, the 711 Investment Club is still a very special group. Members are drawn from a pool of career professionals that have lived and served this great country in every corner of the world. The bond that holds them together has been forged under some truly challenging conditions: through the Cold War, civil unrest, natural disasters, Viet Nam, 9/11, international terrorism, Iraq and Afghanistan. Together, they have lived and died with honor in the service of America. The memories and friendships formed in their careers endure for their entire lives, indeed promoting this fellowship and friendship is a stated purpose of the Club. The Club currently has twenty members and assets valued at about $315,000. Monthly dues are $75 and each member has one vote and owns an approximately equal share of the assets. More


Making Money In the Market--Savoy, IL....Bivio is the next.......ACCOUNTING IDOL!! Dear bivio!! This message is from the Making Money in the Market Investment Club (more affectionately known as MMM) located in Savoy, IL. Our club was started in October 1997 and currently has 12 members, four of whom are charter members. The original membership was made up of women who worked at or were retired from the University of Illinois with one working at the local public library. As members have come and gone, our makeup is now 5 university retirees, 2 university employees, 1 former university employee (now stay-at-home doting grandmother), 1 public library retiree, 1 public library employee, 1 attorney, and 1 employee of a local physical activity/sports publishing firm. So, we are a diverse group!! We have a portfolio of 25 stocks valued at just under $40,000.00.More

Bowdon Womens Investment Club--Bowdon, GA....Old poems and fables tend to be narratives and tell stories of struggles and adventures. Some of our favorites begin with “there once was a lady….”. The story of BWIC is a modern day story with just such a beginning. “The lady” said “It’s Easy; Own your share of America. Of course, now we own our share of America, China, England, the Netherlands, Canada, Israel & India.More

Dinamat Investment Club--Park Ridge, NJ....DINAMAT Investment Club started in 1984. The founders would go on daily walks, discussing many things, including finance and investing. The realized they had the interest in finance but not the knowledge that they desired regarding the stock market. After reading an article about investment clubs, they decided to start one.More

Seriously Switzerland Investment Club--Portland, OR....Our club of 8 members was founded in October of 2008 during the greatest recession since the Great Depression.  Most of us are in our mid to late 20’s (friends and co-workers). “Bivio has personally changed my life and stopped me from being a life-long smoker, without Bivio and the support of my business partners I don’t believe I would be investing on a personal basis today. I have used every dime that would be spent on tobacco and placed it towards our investment club (principal, monthly contributions, fees, etc.).” More

Turn and Burn Investment Club--Green Bay, WI....Bivio, Happy Birthday!!! I can say that I have been with you almost from the start. ...To tell you the truth your website is worth every penny. I have been part of 2 different investment clubs dating back to sometime in 2000 or 2001. I have been the treasurer of both clubs. ... We are still going strong in the turn and burn club in these tough times and appreciate Bivio and its products and services. Your service makes the dreaded paperwork of running an investment club easy and provides a virtual place for our club to collaborate. More

SMTJ Family Investment Club--Kokomo, IN...Happy 10th Birthday bivio!! And what would we do without you? I'll answer that question. We don't know and we'll never have to find out becasue we will never leave you. I would like to take you back to June of 2005. My precious Mom died at age 87. She was a dear to all who knew her and loved by many that didn't. She had a smile that was contagious. She had a heart that was forever giving. Growing up in the 60's with two brothers and two sisters was challenging for my Mom & Dad. Mom was always telling us kids to save our money. She used say over an over, "put some money away for yourself, or for a rainy day, and you will be surprised just how much you can save". More

Snake River Investment Club--Saint Anthony, ID....I am the Administrator of the Snake River Investment Club. We started our club in 2001 and you have been the only Accounting we have used. Without you it would be a nightmare. I started this club so people like myself who do not have a lot of extra cash to invest would have an avenue to pool their resources and save for the future. We have used this opportunity to educate ourselves and have some fun along the way. More

Mizzenmast Investment Club--Charlotte, NC....Last year, our club (Mizzenmast Investment Club) lived through a ‘life-changing ‘experience: our club treasurer died of cancer. More

Dunnics Holdings--Birmingham, AL....It is my pleasure to introduce to you Dunnics Holdings, an investment club unlike most. Founded in June of 2009, we believed that the days of pension and retirement savings are long gone. Our fears and assumptions were confirmed by a Time’s article in October of 2009. Therefore, we set forth with deep rooted investing philosophies grounded in value investing to create a fund that would not only generate consistent returns but also income for our members as we age into retirement. With all this talk of retirement, you will be shocked to know the average age of our group is only 32. The majority of our members, including all of our officers, are 26 or younger. More

GRAM Investment Club-Middleville, MI....As teacher-parents, we wanted our children and future grandchildren to know about being informed regarding their money and their investments and how to do it for themselves. We agreed as the parents to start a family investment club in 2004 with the five of us: Gerald, Regina, the parents; Gina, the daughter, Mike the son, and Rod, the son-in-law. We used the letters from our first names GRAM (Gerald, Gina, Regina, Rod, And Mike) to form the name of our investment club: GRAM Investment ClubMore

Wise Women of Wall Street--Bothell, WA....It is not uncommon in this quaint suburb of Seattle to see cars drive by with WWOWS Partner or WWOWS Founding Partner on their license plate holders. You see, we are the WWOWS, The Wise Woman of Wall Street Investment Club. Ok, so some of our husbands or friends have called us the Wild or Wacky Woman of Wall Street, but we know better. We are a club that started in one close knit neighborhood of Bothell, Washington and has enjoyed the wild ride of the market from entering at its highest point in history to enduring one of its lowest points ever, to the start of its wonderful return.More

Masada Investment Club--Mequon, WI....Our club, the Masada Investment Club, has been operating since 1992. Until we discovered bivio we were manually updating stock prices of our holdings before each meeting. We were manually entering all deposits and sometimes didn't get it right. We were a group of professional men functioning one step beyond an abacus. Bivio changed all of that. More

Greater Evansville Capitalists w/Common Objectives--Evansville, IN....I'm Bob Flesher, the current president of an investment club called GECCO - Greater Evansville Capitalists w/Common Objectives. We know the name is a bit odd (and so is our lizard mascot) but we wanted to pay homage to our investing idol - Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street.More

Women of Wealth--Ventura, CA....Six women from the WOW investment club went together with a few others women outside the group and invested in a diamond necklace. What an investment that turned out to be! Many thousand of dollars later, a spread in People Magazine, a spot on the Today Show and Good Morning America, Readers Digest, etc etc, and a book/ "The Necklace, Thirteen Women and the Experiment that Transformed Their Lives"/, published by Random House and a National Bestseller More

$outh $hore $eniors Investment Club--Michigan City, IN....Our club, the Michigan City, IN, $outh $hore $eniors investment club, has 23 members, all retired folks. We just celebrated our fourth birthday. Most of us are new to investing. After looking at the options, we chose Bivio as our Club Accounting software. Bivio is our ”grandma’s sewing basket,” full of wonderful surprises. More

Merry Investors--Yreka, CA....We are the Merry Investors; an all women's investment group in our small town of Yreka, CA. We developed our group back in 2007 from a mixed group of professional women. Our core group is made up of (2) Superior court judges, (2) Court appointed workers, (1) McDonalds owner, (1) College student, (1) CEO of a local Credit Union and (3) County employees.More

Touchstone Investment Club--Ross, CA....Bivio has saved us time and money. It’s great not having to order new tax software every year. Your subscription fee is reasonable, and we all love having bivio as our go-to place for messages and reports. Switching to bivio has made it possible for us to get better details on how our investments are doing, too. I know our Treasurer is much happier since she instigated the switch, and if she’s happy then that’s half the battle for us.More

The Bakers Dozen Investment Club--Dayton, OH....The BDIC started in January of 1998 with 13 members - hence a baker's dozen. We started with a group of 4 older women (me included) from my bridge group, 2 husbands, 1 son and 6 young male engineers from my place of workMore

Women Investing Now--Benton, KY.... We have had good luck and back luck over the years and have done lots of research and put in lots of work. Our worst luck was buying Martha Stewart a couple of weeks before she got into trouble. Our best luck was selling our shares of Crocs when they were at their high point. From every buy and sell we learn something.More

Elk City Investment Club--Elk City, OK.... Our club has always maintained a great attitude and we are in the black at a very red time. We do consider it education and while none of us is managing her own estate or anything, really it's coke money we are putting out each month, we at least sound halfway intelligent when we engage in a conversation about investing.More

High Hopes Investment Club--Westminster, CO...Better, Investing by studying and judgement, Versus, Idiot, Ordering by rumor or whimMore

Up North Investment Club--Lake City, MI....When the market began to bottom out, one month we decided to pool our dues, try using luck instead of research to guide us and decided to go to a casino to see if we could do better than the market. We had a great time and our two-hour visit to the high roller room brought us a profit. We tried this approach a second time several months later but weren't as successful.More

Fun and Gains--Grand Rapids, MI...Happy 10 years old! Thank you, Bivio, for making our club officer's responsibilities much easier!More

GRC Perk Investment Club--Canandaigua, NY...Do you have any idea of how many treasurers have had to quit their club in order to get out of the job of treasurer? And how many clubs died once treasurer quit because no one was willing to replace them? The answer is too many to count. But that was all before you came along. You made club accounting so easy that anyone -- literally anyone in a club can do the job.More

W.I.N.S. Investment Club--St. Augustine, FL...Bivio came to my attention and as an alternative to disbanding the club, we tried it. It has been wonderful! Account sync has saved me from the tiresome task of entering dividends and reinvestments. There are no errors in these entries which is a true godsend since my vision has been compromised by a health condition. I am able to continue my role as treasurer without the worry and concern I once endured. Our club is happy to maintain our Bivio subscription.More

FUNDS Investment Club--La Crescent, MN...We are soo glad to have BIVIO, it's information we want & need at our fingertips! BIVIO is fast & easy to learn, making it fun for the novice computer user. It's great being able to check, anytime , how our stocks are performing as well as track each individual members contribution performance. You give us the pulse on other clubs & what they invest in as well as being able to chat and interact with questions & answers. It simply makes BIVIO a friendly informative site. More

Rich and Beautiful Investment Club--Portland, OR...We are The Rich and Beautiful Investment Club of Portland, Oregon. We held our first meeting in November 1993. We started with eleven members, four men and seven women, meeting in the members homes. The guys wanted the Rich and the ladies wanted the Beautiful.More

Blue Stockings Investment Club--Monticello, MN...With a few missteps and a little time, we now have a great group and a stable membership consisting of nine women: five CPAs, two retired CPAs, one attorney, and one inactive member who is a Director of Marketing. We are constantly searching for “scathingly brilliant ideas” which is an item on our monthly agenda. Our monthly dinner meetings are eagerly anticipated and seldom missed without a valid reason.More

ERI Investment Club-Springfield, OH...We have seen a couple members come and go, but to this day the main group of 5 guys that formed the club is still together. Through this time we have seen many changes from marriages and kids, to job and location changes (including internationally). Some of our members have used our meager gains to help buy houses, and we even used bivio to help contribute to a college fund for the children of an ex-member who suddenly died several years ago.More

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday LLC--Frederick, MD...This is our first year as an investment club. Our club started with a group of friends who get together on Thursdays to play darts or throw horseshoes, weather permitting, who decided to take advantage of the stock market drop of 2008 – 2009 to pool our resources and learn about investing together to hopefully realize significant returns, and possibly hit a jackpot with a few undervalued stocks. We researched investment club accounting programs and determined that Bivio would work best for us because of the ease of use (none of us are accountants) and it was the best value for the money. We have not been disappointed; in fact, we could not run this club without Bivio. All of our questions are answered quickly and clearly and the reports are simple to understand and straightforward. You have helped a group of Joe Suburbanites understand what it means to walk with the titans of Wall Street. More

Salem Traders--Salem, MA...We are delighted that Bivio has become such an important part of how we operate. Thanks to the ease of use, our treasurers happily persevere for the Salem Traders. We have been an active club for 13 years.More

Women Investing Now--Richland, WA...Our treasurer treasures you. She encourages us every meeting to use your many helpful tools. I’m not even sure if my club, Women Investing Now, would still be in operation without our decision to switch to bivio. So give us credit. That was one smart investment decision we made, even if a few of our stocks tanked in the disastrous market of the last couple of years. But we’re coming back strong and are closing in once more on a $100,000 portfolio. More


Port Ludlow Unified Share Holders (PLUSH)--Port Ludlow, WA...Our great PLUSH Investment Club was founded in 1998 in beautiful Port Ludlow, Washington, a community of about 3,000 people and is located?on the Olympic Peninsula. Looking out from the Bay Club where we meet onto the forest surrounding our Bay, Marina, Audubon Golf Course, Resort, and the snow capped mountains of the Olympic Peninsula, we're grateful every day for this natural beauty. Our investments have assisted in us being able to live here, and bivio facilitates us in being able to efficiently track our investments with a Minimum of Time and a Maximum of Results. More


Fantasy Island Investment Club--Glendale, is a big Thank You to all the wonderful staff at Bivio for making such a great site for Investment Clubs, for all your hard work to show Treasurers how to manage an Investment Club account, and especially for sticking around for Investment Clubs everywhere when so many other Internet businesses have failed in the past decade. Here's to another 10 years, and we will definitely have a toast to Bivio when our Club makes it to Fantasy Island! More


WISE Investment Club-Perrysburg, OH...In 1999, we were all consultants in the Intern Program for Toledo Public Schools. All were teachers and one school nurse. A kindergarten teacher named Jane would come into the office each morning with newspaper in hand and read the Stock Market Reports as she had her morning coffee. She stimulated the curiosity of a number of us; then, she volunteered to help us start an investment club and even joined us as a member. As most of us are now retired from our positions with TPS, we have discovered that we are becoming more energized and anxious to learn. After attending an area workshop last fall where we learned about bivio, our members voted to join this on-line service. Much to our amazement, interest in our club's activities is skyrocketing. More


Asset Investment Club--Orange, CA...Three years ago when our friend, Lanedra, greeted my wife and me in the church parking lot after the morning service. She shared her enthusiasm about her new interest, the stock market, and then proceeded to share her vision of forming an investment club to educate and empower others, particularly young people. More


Money Makers Investment Club--Livermore, CA...I was not going to do this as I am sure there are far better stories, but I want to celebrate the ladies of my investment club! More


KSixTripleFive--Rochester, MN...Founded in 2002, K-Six-Triple-Five, or K6555, is comprised of a group of software and hardware engineers and spouses interested in learning more about investing. More


Newcomers Investment Club--Montgomery, AL...Sanity at tax time is the first reason I love bivio! Reconcile, hit a button and voila all the completed forms magically appear! The second is peace of mind the rest of the year. More


Sahuaro Speculators--Tucson, Az...We are an investment club whose members are all retired female employees of Sahuaro High School in Tucson, Arizona. We started in 1996 and have 15 members. More


Investors for the Future--Fallbrook, CA....More

Franconia Ladies Investment Partnership--Alexandria, VA....You weren’t even born back in 1996 when 18 ladies in Virginia read the national bestselling book, The Beardstown Ladies’ Common-Sense Investment Guide and decided to follow the ladies’ advice and beat the stock market. More

Bay Area Money Makers--Friendswood, TX....bivio makes a treasurers job easy! More

Friends & Family Investment Club--Tonawanda, NY....Time does fly and Family and Friends Investment club will also will be celebrating 10 years this Sept. We have both grown through the good times and bad times of the stock market. More

52 Week High Investment Club--Phoenix, AZ....To sum it all up, Bivio reduces our costs, makes the accounting process easier and faster, and allows us to concentrate more on education. More

Mutual Interest Group--Rolfe, IA....What does bivio mean to me? To me it means I would never be treasurer without it. Its really hard to describe other then WOW! More

Chums Partners Investment Club--Greensboro, NC....Happy 10th Birthday. The Chums Partners Investment Club has been around since 2001. Bivio has been an integral part of our operations. We would be spending substantially more money for accounting assistance if we did not have Bivio to carry this burden for us since we have no accountants in the Club. More

Southwest Ladies Investment Club--Fresno, TX....We at SWLadies Investment Club have been an investment group for over 4 years. In the beginning we paid a broker to handle our investments, and decided that we were paying too much and could use the broker fees to invest. So we decided to explore other options. We joined NAIC and saw that they were recommending several accounting software, so we did our homework on Bivio and did the trial membership. We couldn't believe how easy it was to use.More

Women Earning and Learning--Seattle, WA....Our Investment Club, Weal, discovered Bivio at the investors Fair in Bellevue, WA. about five years ago. We were all in the computer room learning about Bivio and decided to try it. We used the first year as a try and see if we liked it. We could not believe how easy, simple and complete it was. It included the tax program too which was a great advantage. Bivio works seamlessly with our brokerage firm TD Ameritrade. I could not ask for a more simple way to meet our accounting needs.More

Deschutes Investment Club of Olympia--Olympia, WA....I joined the Deschutes Investment Club of Olympia about five years ago. I had heard of this club for several years -- it peaked my interest when Oprah Winfrey featured investment clubs on one of her shows. Then, I had the good fortune of moving into a house just down the street from one of the DICO founders. We both had children in Kindergarten together and became friends at the bus stop. Needless to say, I mentioned my interest in joining DICO and became a member a short time later. Prior to joining the club, I knew very little about investing.More

TriState Investment Club--Bluffton, OH....What bivio means to our club? Well, we have started a small club in Bluffton, Ohio and now we have almost 30 members.More

The Big Assets-DeSoto, TX....I cannot begin to tell you how much each one of us has learned about the stock market by being in a stock club! We began our club without even knowing the basic stock terminology. I personally didn't even know how to read the stock reports in the newspaper. Membership in our stock club has given us the desire and the tools to be able to research stocks, evaluate stocks, know various investing strategies, etc., all in a relaxed, informal setting. We have seen the small amounts we have invested grow to a sizeable amount. We have been very pleased with the results of our investment club. More

Up Your A$$ets Investment Club--Spring, TX....To some it's about the money, to most it's about the relationships made. But our investment successes and failures are the highlight of each gathering. More

Avocado Money Pit-Fallbrook, CA....The Avocado Money Pit, was founded in1996. We are an all female group dedicated to learning about investing and researching companies in a non threatening environment. We share ideas, (and wine) present potential stocks for purchase, vote on portfolio decisions and make money.More

Leadership Morristown Investment Club--Morristown, TN....How does any investment club survive without the many benefits provided by Bivio! We are soon to be on our third year with Bivio, and we think you are the best thing since sliced bread.More

A.V. Stock Investment Club-West Mifflin, PA....How nice it is to turn on the comptuer and everything is up to date and the only thing to do is enter the monthly investments for each member. Thank you Bivio for making the job of Treasurer a pleasure.More

Women With Cents-Granbury, TX....Bivio really “got” it when it came to accounting for investment clubs. The designers of Bivio really knew what treasurers need to make their job easy and non-time consuming. The program is so self-explanatory and easy to learn. There are just a few steps to take and the treasurer can produce all the reports needed to keep all the club members fully aware of the financial status of the club.More

21st Century Money--West Chicago, IL....Hooray for bivio's "Treasurer Retention Features"! VBG!More

Hi/Lo Investors Club-Newark, DE....I thought NAIC Club Accounting made a treasurer's life fairly easy until I started using bivio's accounting. Wow, what a difference! I didn't have to input dividends, stock purchases or sales anymore. It was all done automatically. The transactions were all listed and easily edited for any correction. If I had any problems bivio's support team readily responded to me and provided an answer and/or readily answered any questions I might have concerning certain transactions.More

Watch It Grow Investment Club-Pullman, WA....All but one of us work for a small, family owned business and the other joins us from the company across the street. We started in 2000 so that we could share information about investments since we all have to manage our own 401K investments. We have learned a lot over the years. More

Womens Investment Network, Jupiter, FL....Thanks to Bivio, it is no longer so difficult to find someone willing to take on the Financial Partner role. I am currently the Presiding Partner, but had the Financial Partner role at a time when we did not have Bivio, and those of us who have been here that long really appreciate how much better the financial reporting chores are now. More

Phoenix Area Model Investment Club--Phoenix, AZ....I am aware of other investment club software and pleased to continue using the Bivio Software. Bivio has contributed to our success in accounting and reporting during the monthly meetings, and the processing time during the tax season.More

Onyx Investment Club--Buffalo, NY....My name is Wanda Gary and My title is the Treasurer. Since we have recently completed our first year, and have now begun to file taxed and just last completed our FIRST Audit. with the help of Bivio, I'm just OVERJOYED and much easier things went. It took us about 2 hours but once we figured everything out, everyone was really amazed about what Bivio actual Accounting system does for us. I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOUMore

Village Ladies Society Investment Club--Springfield, MO....We started in 2000 with some ladies who went to church together. We were over 15 in membership at one point early in our existence. We kept up recruiting efforts because some of the initial members didn’t want to “work” and learn which is our main focus. We got much better at recruiting and have seven solid members now for several years. It takes a little guts to stick it out during such crazy times in the stock market over the last couple of years....When we discovered “bivio”, we were thrilled! As the treasurer, I setup our E*Trade account information and I now have very little input to do on a monthly basis! We saved money as well, since your tax return software is included in the price! I am now very confident after nine years as the treasurer that I can easily transfer this job to anyone in the club. Couldn’t ask for a better setupMore

Investment Engineering Club--Manhattan Beach, CA....Tax time used to be a real chore for the treasurer, who, even though he was a CPA, would have to spend precious time gathering papers, filling out forms, etc. Now, we press a button and check the output and print it. And our current treasurer is a musician! More

Bluffers Investment Club--Elgin, IL....What an exciting 10 years we have had and what luck we had the day we found BIVIO! We started our Club in August 1999 so we have almost all of our transactions on BIVIO having our initial subscription starting in 2001. How many headaches has BIVIO taken care of for us and/or prevented? Untold events that is for sure. BIVIO makes our accounting procedures easy and it does all the work for us. More

Hull Investment Group--Holly, – That’s what makes Bivio especially valuable to the Hull Investment Group. Several times during the last three years, we have needed help on specific issues that were beyond our skills. Each time I asked Bivio to help, I received a prompt, professional, high-quality solution. And, when appropriate, the solution educated us about the problem, enabling us to grow and become more successful. More

Ohio Investment Klub--Marion, OH....I am proud that as of February 28th, 2010 the Ohio Investment Klub has been in existence for 15 years! We have certainly experienced a lot of ups and downs during that time. We survived the bursting of the tech bubble, and we have survived the recent economic downturn. I am confident is saying our continued success is due, in no small part, to bivio. We are Account Sync subscribers, and this service makes our accounting and record keeping fuctions extremely simple and accurate.More

GARP Investors Club--San Jose, CA....How appropriate it is that bivio is celebrating its tenth anniversary - our Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) investment club of San Jose, CA is also celebrating its tenth birthday this year. So we’ve survived together, and grown in both capability and experience through the big internet bubble explosion of year-2000, the euphoria of the mid-decade, and the Great Recession of 2008 – 2009. More

Valley Investors--Saginaw, MI....I signed up for two Webinars (Audit/Tax) - GREAT! Thanks for having these tools for members to learn from. Even if you are a seasoned treasurer you can still learn one new thing. I also loved the interaction from other people and their comments. It was very nice to be able to do this from our homes and computers and not having to go out. Our club is just starting to see what Bivio offers to all members and starting to use them. Thanks again! More

Money Mavens--Pleasanton, CA....Our club joined bivio at the end of 2001. Happy Treasurer, happy club! Our tale, however, does not end here. After a couple of years with bivio, we became concerned about the viability of the company during the market downturn. Yes, it is hard to believe; we switched back to the other software. WHAT A MISTAKE! Within six months Susan was threatening to quit if we didn't return to bivio. Her emails and phone calls for support had not been answered, so unlike her experience with bivio's customer support. Bottom line, we all knew that no one in our club would take on the job using that, that other software. So, Gentle Reader, do not be dismayed; in order to keep our treasurer, and keep her happy, we shamelessly switched back to bivio...happy ending!. More

Red & Blue Partners,LP--Zelienople, PA.... Happy Birthday Bivio. You have been a terrific resource to the Red & Blue Partners Fund at Duquesne University. Here, Investment Management and Accounting students partner to manage a real-money investment fund for our partners… a group of alumni and friends who entrust their funds with us. More

Lucky Stiffs Investment Club--Rochester, MI....Bivio saves us money, time and keeps us up to date, even when a member is far away, basking in the sun.More

Investment Club of Easton--Bricelyn, MN....When we had our first organizational meetings, Bivio was highly recommended. Due to the high praise, ICE unanimously voted to subscribe to Bivio. What a good choice it was and has been! More

Money Tree Investment Club--Cincinnati, OH....BIVIO has created a new view of the Accounting and Administration procedures for Money Tree Investment Club. We have immediate access to our holdings, send emails to the partners, store documents such as, our partnership agreement and our minutes. We can see our Market Value changes quickly. In addition we can switch from the Investment Summary to the Manifest Investing Dashboard for our portfolio. This reduces the time for searching information to a click of the mouseMore

Simms Investment Club--Baltimore, MD....As the club treasurer for our investment club, bivio has made it very easy to keep track of our finances (investment accounts, checking and savings records), as well as make tax preparation quick, easy and painlessMore

HR Investment Club--Spokane, WA....Thank you, Bivio. I probably would not have agreed to be our club’s treasurer if we did not use Bivio. More

Stocks R Us Investment Club-Clarksville, TN....As treasurer of the club I know the true value of using bivio for reports and up to date information. Bivio is a tremendous asset and time saver when preparing for our monthly meeting. Information online available for all members improves our investing knowledge. More

Blue Jay Investment Club--Sidney, NE....BlueJay Investment Club is a small family club....but we still want to "do it right" far a taxes are concerned.More

Panhandle Investment Club--Sidney, NE....What bivio means to me....... I don't have to spend two months before April 15th trying to get all the numbers correct for the IRS. More

Wise InvestHers--Dubuque, IA....Your software is quite good and I'm looking forward to learning more about it. Just goes to show you just how "wise" we are!More

Common Interest Growth Club--Mayer, MN....We previously used myiclub online accounting and it was okay, but Bivio has many features I like...and the Webinars you have held have been excellent. Appreciate the warnings about having Reits, MLPs as well. You are a wonderful resource for us as club treasurers!! More

Women Invest Now--Bellevue, OH.... I know that you have helped our "two roads meet" - accounting and time. Thanks for taking the "time" out of our "administrative financial tasks"! More

Mutual Investors Group of Cheney--Cheney, WA.... In MIGC’s early years we used a full service broker (switching to Scottrade in January of 2005) and hired an accountant familiar with investment club accounting who was located several hundred miles away. Communication with the accountant was not always timely using postal services. With bivio we are able to have daily updating of our portfolio and have federal tax preparation accomplished in an efficient and timely manner. All of MIGC’s current partners have internet access and we increase our use of and dependence on bivio services more each month. We are easily able to upload information so that all partners can have access to it prior to each monthly meeting. It is of considerable benefit to us to be able to archive documents and e-mails at a single secure site, rather than have them reside on each of our personal computers. Our subscription to bivio has provided the club with a cost effective user friendly way to manage its business. More



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