Cross Country Investment Club


The Cross Country Investment Club was formed as a general partnership in the State of Nevada on February 1, 1998. The below enumerated by-laws approved by the general partners shall provide procedures by which the partnership will operate to fulfill its purpose, to invest the assets of the partnership solely in stocks, bonds and securities for the education and benefit of the partners.

The Partnership will:

1. Meetings:
  2. Voting:
  3. Proxy Representation:
  4. Officers and Committees:
  5. Contributions:
  6. Bank Account: 7. Cash Receipts: 8. Cash Disbursements: 9. Broker: 10. Accounting System: 11. Financial Statements: 12. Educational Program:
  13. Membership: 14. Investments: 15. Modifications and Changes to these By-Laws: 16. Modifications and Changes to the Partnership Agreement: Second Revision 03/17/98