Two Factor Authentication
With all the recent news about hacked userids and passwords, I was wondering whether Bivio has any plans to implement Two Factor Authentication?
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Top Ten Club Holdings
Laurie, Our club would find a list of club buys and sells very helpful, too! Judy Simonson, Dwyer Investment Club From: [] On Behalf Of Stuart Weissman via Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 9:42 AM To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Top Ten Club ...
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Bonding and Internal Controls
Dear Jeanne, Fidelity bonds protect your business against a fraudulent act by your treasurer.A I see far more things clubs should be concerned about issues with incorrect records due to incompetence on the part of the treasurer rather than intentional fraud.A Bonding wouldn't help under ...
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re-entry of a withdrawn member
Hello, How do I record in bivio re-entering a member who has withdrawn funds from our club and will come back to start fresh? On Wednesday 03/09/2014 at 9:22 am, Laurie Frederiksen wrote: Hi Diane, Yes. We will be making and posting a recording of ...
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Bonding our treasurer
How do we go about bonding our treasurer?
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The Latest Got-To-Have-It Technology
Have you gotten one of these yet?A The Ikea Book Book Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A Follow Us on Google+ Click here to Subscribe to the Club Cafe email list.A Click here ...
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Consult Your Tax Adviser
Dear Mike, You raise an issue that is a pet peeve of mine.A People say "Consult your tax advisor" as if we all have one in our front pocket.A I agree with you that many people do not.A A I think many people promoting investments ...
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I have been Treasurer for my partnership for over 15 years and my comments are often prefaced with, "I read that " but I never presume to offer advice of a specific nature. If I have read about something, I generally share the gist as ...
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Reimbursement of a withdrawal fee
We withdrew to much money for a withdrawal fee. We want to reimburse the member. There is no category for this and we cannot make one. What we did was log it as a non deductible expense under flowers.
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No, the money cannot be put in a 401k if that is what the person is asking. The fairest thing to do is to sell stocks and pay cash to everyone. Otherwise tax implications will be unequal. You will still need to file a tax ...
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Mike: I also have been doing my own taxes since 1990 using Turbo Tax, Tax Cut, Tax Act, etc with some fairly complicated situations, You are correct that 99% of people do not have a tax adviser. However, I view the "consult with your tax ...
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Bivio Files Archived Directory
Earlier today, I was working in the Files area of our Bivio account. As I was adding and moving files, a new folder named "Archived" suddenly appeared in the folder list. Files from one of our other subfolders were duplicated here - I used an ...
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withdrawal fee
Hello All, I am writing again about our club's withdrawal fee. Our club charges a withdrawal fee which at times can amount to a sum of several hundred dollars. How should this be entered in Bivio accounts so that the withdrawing member's records are correct ...
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From Overwhelmed to Empowered - Why You Should Start or Join An Investment Club
Are you or your friends interested in learning more about investing? Joining an investment club is an ideal way to do that. Join us online on Sept. 10 at 8PM ET and find out why. Have you ever considered starting an investment club? Do you ...
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Here's an interesting question.A There's a lot of information out there that says diversification of your investments is important. But,A if you diversify into things you have no expertise in, for example companies with business models you don't understand or other assets such as commodities ...
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