The Mystery is Over!
Mark and the rest of you will be glad to hear that the club I mentioned yesterday has agreed to let me share more information about them.A The club is the Investment Disciples from the state of Washington. It turns out that QPRR is not ...
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The End is Near?
I loved this quote from Morgan Hausels recent article: "The reason you make money in stocks is because you're willing to hold assets where the future is unknown, bad things can happen, and outcomes are uncertain. There is never -- ever -- such thing as ...
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Tax implications
In a partial withdrawal there are no tax consequences unless you take more than your tax basis. Basis is contributions plus amounts previously taxed on. When you sell the stock you may have a gain or loss depending on the cost basis of the stock. ...
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Earnings figures differ
This is a really good article explaining some of the reasons you need to understand the data you use for stock selection. Mark Eckman
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Some of you have owned shares of stocks in your investment clubs that have been "Delisted".A This doesn't mean the company is bankrupt, but may mean you should be concerned.A Here's a good discussion of what delisting is: What Happens When My Stock Gets Delisted? ...
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It's Earnings Season!
Our friends at Manifest Investing shared this and I thought many of you would enjoy it also: a€‹ Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A Follow Us on Google+ Click here to A ...
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Summing Up Your Dividends
As we've been discussing recently,A you can output many of the bivio reports directly to a spreadsheet.A Jay and some of the others of you had an interest in being able to use that capability to sum up all the dividends they had received from ...
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Some, but not all, the Bivio reports can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. Would be nice if all could be downloaded. Thx Jay
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Ohio State filing similar to 1065?
If Investment club is registered in Ohio, do they have to file for Ohio state tax? is there any form similar to federal 1065 for Ohio? If yes can you point link to form number and download site? Thanks
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Cost basis and commission
The IRS does not determine cost basis. The broker reports it based on tax law. They do not always do it correctly so there is a column on IRS Form 8949 for adjustments when necessary. Cost is the price of buying stock including commissions and ...
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Cost basis and commission
I am just wondering how Bivio and the IRS determines cost basis with the brokerage commission when buying and selling stocks. Is the commission amount part of the cost basis when you buy a stock, and when you sell is the commission deducted from any ...
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Do It Yourselfers
I suspect there are many in this crowd who, like me, consider themselves do-it-yourselfers.A After all,A that's what bivio is.A A program you can use for do-it-yourself investment club accounting and tax preparation. Anybody have any thoughts on the Etsy IPO?A Do you buy or ...
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Thanking Your Club Treasurer
Just saw this link on one of my Accounting blogs.A Looks like some great gift ideas here if you want to show your club treasurer how much you appreciate them! Tax Season Survivor Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A ...
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A I am in NJ and have more than 10 members Is every one finding filing online difficult? Russ
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Saving Club Records
Our Club incorporated in 1994 and we have all tax records since the beginning. We need to purge some of our other records. I keep a file for Monthly Reports, Attendance and Deposits (Payments) TDAmeritrade Statements and Taxes. How long is it necessary for us ...
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