C shares to A shares
Hello. I'm sure this has been asked, but I can't find the answer. How do we handle the transactions when you have C shares of mutual funds convert to A shares? How do we input the changes? Thanks!!
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Bio Reference to Opko
How do we enter the Opko acquisition of Bio Reference in our club accounting
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Yet Another Type of Reorganization - EMC Buyout By Dell
Companies go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes.A Sometimes, as apparently is the case with the proposed buyout of EMC by Dell, shareholders aren't so lucky. If you own shares of EMC,A it looks like you may take a tax hit on this one: ...
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Repurchasing stock
We understand that there is a tax benefit by transferring some of our most appreciated stock to withdrawing members. We have cash to repurchase that stock. Are there implications in doing this that we need to be aware of? Sandy
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Partnerships surviving a partner leaving..
My understanding is that a patnership usually dissolves when a partner leaves. How do we ensure that we can survive as a partnership when a partner leaves? We are a CT club.
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Stock Reports on Existing Investments
Does anyone have a template they've used for monthly stock reports (on stocks already owned) they'd be willing to share? We are working on a standard format so our partners have similar items to research on a regular basis.
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Club Presentations
Does anyone have any ppt or word templates to utilize in showcasing how your investment club is doing? If you can share it would be greatly appreciated.
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Recording Member Fees
I have recently returned to handling the treasurer duties for the club and am trying to enter member fees, but they have been disabled. How do I enter a member fee that should not buy units and the funds should go into the bank account ...
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Sole or Joint Trustees for revocable living trust as partner
Our club has always thought of trusts as single entities with one vote. We see no problem with that. Where are we wrong? Tom Wagoner McCormick Investment Club. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device Original message From: "Glen Mallette via" <user*> Date: 09/23/2015 ...
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Looking for an Online Investment Club that is Accepting New Members
Hi Club_Cafe, Are there any Online Clubs that are accepting new members? I am interested in finding a club. Rob
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What Are Qualified Dividends Anyway?
I know some of your investment clubsA have questions about what Qualified dividends are.A They are a good thing.A They "Qualify" for a reduced tax rate. But they have to pass some tests before that is the case. This new help topic gives you a ...
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Allocating Cost Basis In Spinoffs
There have been quite a few spinoffs affecting many of your investment clubs already this year.A You'll find many of them on this list: Cost Basis Adjustment Events When a company spins off another one in a non-taxable transaction,A the cost basis of the parent ...
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Why You Don't Want to Look At A Valuation Report
With the market corrections and turmoil going on,A it is tempting to open your investment club Valuation report to see what you have "lost". Here's the valuation report as of yesterday from one of my own clubs: None of us likes to see that we ...
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Highway Funding Bill (and More)....
As part of a highway funding bill recently passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law by the President,A there were some tacked on items related to changes in the tax code. One of them was a change in the filing due ...
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Question for clubs using Folio Investing. How would you rate this broker ? Fair, Good, or Excellent. Are they responsive in a timely manner to a problem ? Do you talk to the same rep each time you need assistance ? Rich
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