Transferring club assets within the club
How do I transfer assets from one club member to another? I understand that at the end of the year there will be tax implications because the percentage of ownership will change for the parties involved. Will the transaction itself be a taxable event also? ...
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Walgreens Boots Merger
I'm having a little trouble with the Walgreens/Bootes Alliance merger transactions. When checking our December E*trade statement against bivio, I found that the share balance did not match. We had 217.94777 Walgreens shares, but our 12/31/14 E*Trade statement shows only 217 of Walgreens Boots Alliance. ...
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BuyandHold transfer to Folio Investing
Just got an email from our broker, BuyandHold, that they are closing up shop and will be transferring all of their client accounts to Folio Investing as of February 13, 2015. Apparently no action is required to accomplish this on the brokerage end (unless we ...
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Better Investing
Thank you for your responses. Other than the magazine, are there advantages that our club would miss out on if we dropped BI? On Wednesday 14/01/2015 at 8:10 am, Herb lemcool wrote: You can use Bivio with out being a Better Investing member Sent from ...
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Better Investing
Does a club have to have a membership in Better Investing in order to subscribe to Bivio? Our club has had subscriptions to both for years but we find that Bivio provides most of the information and support we need. Can we have Bivio without ...
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Partnership Taxation Capital base question?
I have simple and maybe silly question about partnership taxation. example : partners A and B put together $6000 and $4000 at the start of year 2014 in Fidelity brokerage. brought some stocks for all of $10000. during the year..(assume no dividends received and none ...
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Going long on WTI
We had a member of PIG (Pennsylvania Investment Group) mention that we should start building a position in crude oil. First, is USO an approved ETF with Bivio? We do not want any tax headaches. Second, are we just better off with E&P companies such ...
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Ever Heard of the "Flip Flop" Or the "Panama Scoot"
You know all those companies that move offshore and cause you to pay capital gains earlier than you wanted to while they save on taxes?A Here's an interesting story about the guy who dreamed up corporate tax inversions, the process that lets them do that. ...
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Brokerage Default Cost Basis Methods
My Brokerage firm (Fidelity) makes a distinction between cost basis vs default disposal method. For both stocks/etf and mutual funds they list FIFO as the default disposal method which is the same terminology Bivio uses for Default Cost Basis Method in the Tax Preparation webinar. ...
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Our club has discussed buying ETF's. I thought there had been prior discussion on this subject, however I'm not able to locate it. Am interested in the pro and cons and any effect on the treasurer. Thanks
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In reviewing my Fidelity account details for dividend distributions I found 2 that were classified as Non-Qualified. Since they are very trivial amounts the most expeditious thing to do is to edit the Bivio entries to mark them as non-qualified. Perhaps I'm missing something but ...
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Merger of Walgreens and Boots Alliance
Our club owns Walgreens, at the close of Dec. 30 the stock symbol was WAG and closed at 76.05. On Dec. 31st the stock symbol was WBA and closed at 76.20. How do I make this change in Bivio? Under a reorganization merger agreement approved ...
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Moving Forward by Looking Back
Good morning everyone, There are a lot of articles today about motivation and setting goals.A It's something we all focus on as we move into a new year and what always feels like a new start. But along with setting goals for the future, I ...
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New Account Number
Hi Everyone, I've searched for the answer to this but am stumped. Our brokerage company changed our account number. I can establish a new account on Bivio and transfer the cash portion of the account to the new number, but what I can't figure out ...
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Looking to start a club in Manhattan / NYC
Hello How does one go about gathering like minded people to start a club? All my friends are too lazy to learn anything or too busy with night life. I am in Manhattan and curious if there any new clubs here and how they got ...
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