inactive members
Do any clubs have a provision for inactive members? We have a member who is having medical treatments in another state and we are not sure how to handle it.
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Bivio price increase
I note that under the "economy" option, the number of allowable transactions drops by one-third, from 400 to 250.A How can we find out how many we used last year?A And what happens if we need more than 250?
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Positive Thoughts
Want to feel good about being an investor?A Here's some positive thoughts about the future from Morgan Housel: 10 Quick Topics to Brighten Your Summer Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A Follow ...
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Subscription Options -Transactions Count
I was interested in transaction numbers over the past several years so I could recommend an appropriate subscription level to my club. Have your treasurer go to Accounting-Accounts-Transactions and click. Go to bottom of page, List Size and change to 100. Go to top. You ...
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Required Attendance
What action would your club take with an original "Founding" member who no longer attends Investment Club Meetings and has 11% holdings of investments in the club?
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Baxter and Baxalta
Can you explain how the Baxter and now Baxalta gets recorded in Bivio. We have our account linked to TD Ameritrade and I assumed that it would just sync. Need assistance
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Dividends in Bivio reports
Does the Investment Performance Report and/or the Performance Benchmark Report account for dividends collected in the portfolio holdings during the time period selected? Stuart Weissman, MLIC
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High School investing club
I have volunteered to form a High School investing club. The club will be a mock club for students to learn the fundamentals of investing. The high school students will follow and stock and I will be teaching the basics of investing. If anyone has ...
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Kraft conversion to KHC
We owned 50 shares of KRFT which on 7/6/15 converted to KHC in a one to one exchange. In addition there was a $16.50 per share cash payout ($825 for us) paid. How do I account for this in Bivio? It may be classified as ...
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Stock Study Ideas
a€‹ Looking for stock study ideas?A You can find a list of the top 50 stocks owned by bivio investment clubs here: Club Index Next to each one is a convenient Ticker Research link that will take you to lots of information you'll find useful ...
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I was curious what some other clubs do about proxies. In our club, members who can't make meetings are very good at assigning their proxy to another member. The problem is that some times one member will end up with an inordinate amount of proxies ...
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Cash Plus Stock Mergers, T purchase of DTV
On July 24, 2015,A ATT (T) completed a purchase of DirectTV (DTV).A If your investment club owned DTV,A you received T stock plus some cash for your DTV shares. This type of buyout is called "non-taxable", because you don't owe gain on the difference between ...
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David Sacks 7/22 I see you mentioned that your club has their brokerage account with Scottrade. May I ask what kind of monthly fee your club pays to Scottrade? Bill
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Catamaran (CTRX) Purchase by Optum
If you owned shares in CTRX as of July 23,A you will find they are now gone from your brokerage account. Catamaran was purchased by Optum for $61.50 per share.A You can read the details here: Optum Purchase of CTRX In your bivio records, this ...
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Club records
Our club is 19 years old and we have accumulated a large mass of paperwork in those years. When and what do you throw away or keep?
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