Inv. question
I am sure it has been discussed before, but I was wondering if bivio software can handle REIT investments. Deep Shikha
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Ebay and Paypal
Hi, Our club owns 100 shares of eBay (and now, 100 shares of Paypal). It seems that the spinoff transaction did not get imported from our brokerage account (at Scottrade). So, how do I enter the spinoff manually? Thanks!
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operating procedures- voting etc
Hello all- I'm in the process of setting up our club and we are trying to set up our operating procedures. We used the Bivio boilerplate operating agreement, with just a few small tweaks, and I'd like to do the same for our operating procedures. ...
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buying XLF
Our club was thinking of buying the etf, XLF. Does anyone know if this poses an accounting problem in Bivio or any tax complications. Geetha Bala Luckshmy Investment Club.
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club_cafe: take my e-mail off your list
thanks, I'm sure I'll be back with my tail between my legs soon enough J. Michael Banks, CPA Tax Consultant Culp Elliott & Carpenter, PLLC 4401 Barclay Downs Drive, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28209 Telephone: (704)372-6322 Direct Dial: (704)973-5329 Fax: (704)551-5700 ************************* IRS ...
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Market Prices Differ in Precision
Our club's broker account is with TDAmeritrade. We use a Bivio NAV on the last day of the month for our official valuation because it usually matches our month-end brokerage statement. I have found that in the case of one of our holdings, LKQ, TDAmeritrade ...
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And The Winner Is....
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook contest.A It was a lot of fun hearing your stories and seeing your pictures. The winner of the free subscription (by a nose) was the University Club Womens Investment Club from Toledo Ohio! Congratulations to them ...
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Automatic reorganization for MNST and ACT
Two of our stocks underwent reorganization this past month. Monster Beverage has traded products with Coco-cola and Actavis is now Allergan (started out as Watson!). Both seem to have traded stock with no commission charged so far. Monster listed this as a 1:1 exchange, Actavis ...
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New Members
Having a new member fill in a W-9 form so you are sure you have their tax reporting information is a very good suggestion. In the sample operating procedures that we provide,A there is a section which might give you ideas of requirements for new ...
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How does a club document who the beneficiary is for a deceased member?
As the new treasurer of a club with several members in their 80's, I bought this up as new business at our last meeting. Most of them suggested that the executor of the Will would tell me what to do! Myself and a few others ...
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ETF (Ticker PFF)
In our quest for new investment opportunities, our club is looking at an ETF (Ticker PFF). We're wondering if any of the other clubs have experience with this investment? Specifically, are there any hassles come tax time? The dollar value of this stock is generally ...
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Executive Committee
We have a large club with poor turnout at monthly meetings. We have weekly research meetings that are open to any club member but usually has the same 5 to 8 in attendence. We discuss stocks and the portfolio and make recommendations to the club ...
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Executive Committee
Do any clubs have/or have had an Executive Committee that acts for the club between meetings? If so, how did it work? Experience? Good / Not Good? Please explain.
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Time And Millionaires
Here's something us old-timers all like to see.A Young people who are taking advantage of the opportunity to use time to improve their odds of investing success: Future Millionaires Club Join us in helping to cheer them on by "liking" their post! Laurie Frederiksen Invest ...
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Having Fun In Wisconsin!
Successful investing takes time.A Having fun as a member of an investment club helps you stay the course.A The GPIC has been together for 15 years by having fun Wisconsin style! Help them celebrate by congratulating them with "Likes" on the picture they shared with ...
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