Having Fun In Wisconsin!
Successful investing takes time.A Having fun as a member of an investment club helps you stay the course.A The GPIC has been together for 15 years by having fun Wisconsin style! Help them celebrate by congratulating them with "Likes" on the picture they shared with ...
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DB cleanup?
Hi Tim, All of your current accounting is still based on all of your historical information so you should never delete any of it. As Mike indicated, if members have been properly withdrawn and you have not left them with online access,A they will become ...
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DB cleanup?
Hi Laurie, I am looking at our high school club Greenenvy and seeing members who graduated years ago (all paid out at graduation).A Should I A still see them, or did we miss something during the withdrawal process? Roger
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Hot Off the Press
For those interested (apparently 7 clubs so far),A we've already had a request and made a Ticker Research page for Fitbit (FIT). FIT Ticker Research Of course, if some of you just want to go for a walk and think about it a bit more,A ...
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Monthly deposits
Hello all- I'm in the process of starting a club. I'm wondering how you all manage the nuts and bolts of getting the monthly deposits- do people write a check each month? I'm hoping not to have to deal with a zillion checks and chase ...
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Penny accounting?
Hi Laurie, I work with a high school club that has about 40 members, and about 10 cash out everyA June and we take in about 10 every September.A We currently handle the deposits by having the treasurer (an adult) enter the amounts by hand.A ...
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National Investment Club Day
Good Morning all, My husband just informed me it is National Flip Flop Day. I think we need a National Investment Club Day.A Any suggestions on the best date to select for it? Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A ...
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Excel spreadsheets for investors
Club cafA(C)-ers, I help local Cincinnati schools with the national Stock Market Game a€" a SIFMA initiative to help teach financial management to middle and high school students.A To help integrate with other parts of the curriculum, I am looking for EXCEL spreadsheets students could ...
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Starting A Club - Big or Small?
Hi All, I'm working with several groups that are starting clubs.A They might appreciate some insight from you based on your experiences. Which of these approaches have your clubs used to get started? 1.A Start with a small, very dedicated group that can get all ...
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Disbanding club
We are in the process of disbanding our club and distributing assets. Don't feel bad, we did this for 15 years and everyone is on board with this. I read the Bivio page on disbanding a club and that was helpful, but other posts here ...
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Fed raising rates
Are any clubs concerned with the probable raising of rates?A If so what strategy to you have in mind going forward Thanks Russell Ward Pennies 2 Dollars
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11 Financial Words All Parents Should Teach Their Kids
Interesting article with ideas for introducing personal finance concepts to children at appropriate ages: 11 Financial Words All Parents Should Teach Their Kids Personally,A I'm not sure I did as well at this as I would have liked.A Have any of you had success with ...
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The South Shore Investment Club
Here's another club sharing their story with us on Facebook: South Shore Investment Club Help us congratulate them.A They're going strong after almost 10 years together. Hope you'll help them earn a $10 discount on their next subscription renewal and a chance to win a ...
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Club membership
The club I belonged to for 10 years closed about 5 years ago. I am missing the club environment and would like to join another. I live in Polk County Fl, but would not mind joining a good online club also, any advise?
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Weird dividends postings
I am not sure what the end of year statements would say, but we hold a foreign stock that at the broker posted the same dividend and foreign tax withheld 3 times and within hours reversed 2 of the sets of dividends and foreign tax ...
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