IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2013-13: IRS Warns of Phone Scam
Hi Everyone, The IRS is warning everyone about a tax scam that is going around right now. Thought we'd help them pass along the information. Hope you can help get the word out too. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! ...
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Mutual Funds
An investment club is, in many ways, a little cousin to a mutual fund. I was having a discussion with one of our customers about NAV and he sent me some links to some interesting articles about the SEC regulations concerning mutual fund pricing. One ...
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Transfer stock into club fund
Hi Zak, What you are proposing is acceptable under IRS regulations. The 'holding period' of each security so transferred would start with the date that the particular member acquired the security. Unfortunately, although the transfer is permitted under IRS regulations, no existing software is capable ...
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Why We Do What We Do
We got this today from one of our clubs. I thought since all of you are members of investment clubs that you would appreciate the positive experience he describes. First I have to thank you for the service you provide investment clubs. Ours started out ...
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TDAmeritrade data feed
I asked TDA again about their data feed problem with transaction amounts less than one dollar. This was their response received 10/7: > Thank you for your reply. I am sorry for the time it has taken to fix this issue. Our developers are currently ...
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Wow! Thanks. I will dig further. Jenny Sue Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID Laurie Frederiksen <> wrote: Dear Jenny-Sue, The cost basis numbers in bivio have been entered according to the information provided by the company for allocating cost basis and are ...
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Our club previously owned 196 shares of Newscorp Corporation (NWSA) stock. We sold 96 shares before the spinoff of Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (FOXA) in July 2013. Now, TD Ameritrade shows us with 100 shares of FOXA at a cost of $15.008 and 25 of ...
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Multi-State club members
Hi, we are a club looking to start based in Dallas, TX. We have many members in other states (NY, NJ, PA, CA, etc). How do I go about understanding how the taxes would work for our members? Does this pose a problem? Thanks.
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ETrade Notice of Canadian Backup Withholding
Our club received this notice today from ETrade. "IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED Your account may be subject to back-up withholding tax of 25% on taxable dividend payments if you do not certify your business and/or trust accounts under the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations." I downloaded ...
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Slides From Small Cap Presentation
The slides from last nights Manifest Investing presentation on the 2013 Forbes Small Cap List are now available here: 2013 Forbes Small Cap List - Manifest Investing Analysis The recording will be available next week. We'll let you know when it is. Laurie Frederiksen Invest ...
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Emergency meetings
Our club is considering including language in our by laws about emergency meetings. Any thoughts/ideas?
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Small Cap Ticker Research
If you'd like to do some further research into the companies Manifest Investing will be following from this year's Forbes Top 100 Small Cap list: Forbes Best Small Companies - 2013 - Manifest Investing Dashboard We've added Ticker Research Pages for all of them: Del ...
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Finding Small Companies to Invest In
This Thursday, October 24 at 8:30PM ET, Mark Robertson from Manifest Investing will be doing a special Dashboard Diagnostics Session. He'll be taking a look at some of the companies on the recently released Forbes Best 100 Small Companies list. He'll also be reviewing how ...
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Salt Lake City Clubs
Does anyone know of clubs in the Salt Lake City area looking for members?
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Do You Have a Gmail Address?
Gmail recently made some changes to their email program. If you're using Gmail for your email program, emails from bivio or from your club may be hidden in one of the new Gmail "tabs". If you aren't getting them in your Inbox, look for them ...
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