Under Armour Change of Ticker Symbols
On December 7, Under Armour changed its ticker symbols for its Class A and Class C shares. The Class A shares were changed from UA to UAA. The Class C shares were changes from UA.C to UA. Note that the former ticker symbol for Class ...
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A Treat for the Season
Happy Holidays! Our programmers have just added a nice update to a very important bivio report.A You can now see cost basis per share as well as total cost basis for each lot of any stocks you own on the:A Investment Lot Cost Basis Report ...
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Getting Ready for Tax Season Recording Posted
Hi All, The presentation and recording for last nights webinar is now posted: Getting Ready for Tax Season Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A bivio Follow Us on Google+ Click here to ...
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Metronic (MDT) Tax Joy - Continued
An alert club followed up on this email I sent in March to find out if there had indeed been any further adjustments that were made to the MDT dividends paid from April 2015 thru April 2016: Medtronic Tax Joy It turns out there were.A ...
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Auto-sync from Brokerage account to Bivio
Can someone tell if the Auto-sync date in Bivio should be update every day even if their are no change to the Brokerage account? I have just take over the job as treasurer and have notice that Bivio has not updated since password was change ...
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My club has held Cognizant for a number of years, and we were thinking about adding to our position except for that bribery scandal. Having never been in this situation before, how serious is this and how long is the legal action likely to drag ...
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Equal Equity
You do not have to have equal ownership by partners in an investment club.A In fact it is discouraged because, while some might think it simplifies things, A it will actually complicate your record keeping. It also causes issues because potential new members may be ...
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Change Ticket Symbol on existing investment account?
Fairpoint Communication was a spinoff several years ago. The former symbol was FRCMQ. It is now FRP. How do I change the symbol I the stystem so it is changed on my reports?
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Update On Folio Issue
Hi All, We have worked with Folio to implement a work around that will allow you to continue to use AccountSync with your Folio account. To use it, there are two steps you will need to take.A They are described here: Folio Setup Laurie Frederiksen ...
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In praise of Auto Pilot Investing
Here is a link to a thought starter to go with your Sunday Morning Coffee. and here is the link to the Bloomberg article.
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Attn Clubs That Use Folio
Just to let you know, I called a couple of days ago. The person who answered said he would do the needful. He did not ask me to send anything in writing. Kanak Varde In a message dated 10/27/2016 8:28:52 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ...
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Attn Clubs That Use Folio
Hi All, If your investment club uses Folio Investing as a brokerage and bivio AccountSync to automatically enter your transactions into bivio, you need to take action. We have been made aware that Folio is implementing 2 factor authentication for all of their accounts. A ...
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Limited Partnership
Unfortunately, my investment club bought SEP not realizing it is a limited partnership. So, we'll want to sell it. We've only owned it a week. Do you think it help mitigate the bookkeeping headaches if we sell it right away? In other words, is there ...
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club brokerages
TD Americade is buying Scottrade; the deal will close next September. What brokerages are most popular with Bivio clubs?
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Our club is breaking up
Our club has disbanded and we have sold all our stock and distributed all the funds.A How do I use Bivio to prepare the final tax return? Thanks. Linda Buckner On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 9:20 AM, Laurie Frederiksen < > wrote: Just ...
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