Utility Stocks and Rising Interest Rates
Hi everyone,A I am a bivio club member who also writes on various investment topics.A Laurie has indicated that some of you might be interested in reading some of my thoughts and I have agreed to share them here with you from time to time.A ...
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Da Demo Reimburses a Club Member With Units
There are times when you might have a member of your investment club pay a club expense with their own personal funds.A A If you'd like to reimburse them without having to give them a check, you can reimburse them with units of ownership in ...
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What is The Future Price of Our Stock?
Something every member of an investment club wants to know is this;A What will the price of our stock be in the future? This article caught my eye because I too have a son who picked GoPro in a virtual portfolio contest.A He actually did ...
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How does a club document who the beneficiary is for a deceased member?
As the new treasurer of a club with several members in their 80's, I bought this up as new business at our last meeting. Most of them suggested that the executor of the Will would tell me what to do! Myself and a few others ...
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Sending Emails to Your Investment Club
Hi Everyone, As we've mentioned before,A your ClubID is part of a club email address that you can use to easily have discussions with everyone in your group.A Some of you may not make use of itA because you think you have to login to ...
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Say Hey to Da Demo!
There's a new club in town! Please join us in welcoming Da Demo as our new bivio demo club! Da Demo will be sharing their stories and accounting entries with you so that you'll have examples to refer to when you are making entries for ...
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Accounts/investment performance
Our club only shows the "money market account" and not the brokerage one. Where do I see the brokerage account with each investment's gain/loss to date?
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New And Improved Watchlist
Hello All, Just in time for your weekend investment club stock studies! I thought you might find it useful to be able to go to the Ticker Research page directly for each of the companies you have on your watchlist.A I've updated the spreadsheet and ...
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Automatic Data processing ADP spin off of CDK
Will BIVIO handle the spin off of CDK from ADP or should I do it manually to adjust cost basis of each plus the sale of a fractional share? Thinking about the details involved makes my mind hurt but want to start on it need ...
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The Good Things in Life
a€‹ Congratulations to Mark Robertson of Manifest Investing on becoming a new grandpa last night! Word is that he hasn't convinced the family to name the baby Mark yet so any and all suggestions are still welcome. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become ...
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What Characteristics Do You Look For In A New Member?
Hi Everyone, I thought it would be interesting to tap into some of your investment club experiences to develop some more information for those thinking of starting an investment club.A How would you answer this question? What characteristics do you think are valuable for a ...
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Saving Monthly Statements
How do you get the statement into Bivio? Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Original message From: Laurie Frederiksen Date:10/08/2014 2:10 PM (GMT-05:00) To: The Club Cafe Subject: [club_cafe] Saving Monthly Statements Do any of your investment clubs have this ...
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How Confident Are Retail Investors in the Capital Markets
The Center for Audit Quality has just released their annual Survey measuring retail investor confidence in the US capital markets. 2014 Main Street Investor Survey Interestingly enough, with markets at a high, confidence has reached an all time high.A They specifically addressed the risk tolerance ...
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Adding And Deleting Files in Your File Storage Area
Good Morning, To add to our discussion of saving brokerage statements each month,A I've made this short video that shows you how to upload files to your investment club file storage area.A It also shows you how to delete files from that area. Adding and ...
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Saving Monthly Statements
Do any of your investment clubs have this issue? I am used to getting paper copies of brokerage statements and keeping them in a filing cabinet.A I keep forgetting that in todays world of electronic statements rather than paper ones,A it's probably still a good ...
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