Expense Reimbursement
We are planning to reimburse one of our club members by writing a check against our brokerage account. What is the proper way to do this in Bivio? Do we just enter it using the Expense transaction against our brokerage account? Or is it similar ...
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BAIDU (BIDU) 1 Year Price Projection
I have been puzzled for a while about why Yahoo shows the 1 year price projection for BIDU to be so high.A Currently it shows as $1571.31.A A Considering the current price of BIDU is $220.49,A that's a pretty significant upside potential! I finally got ...
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What Are Other Clubs Looking At?
For those who are interested in knowing what stocks other clubs are looking at, here is a list of the tickers we've been asked to make Ticker Research pages for over the last few months. We can't guarantee they are all good investments, but we ...
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Watch List With Screened Stock Ideas
Just for fun, I put Bobs screened stock list into a Google Spreadsheet that compares the current prices with the Yahoo 1 year estimated prices.A You can see the results here: Yahoo 1 Year Prices This updates automatically as the stock price or the Yahoo ...
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Living Vicariously, #BABA
Admit it. Some of your investment clubs are curious about investing in BABA which IPO'd on Friday. There are some bivio clubs that took the plunge opening day at an average opening price of $92.40. That's your benchmark for a year from now.A A Do ...
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Tax implications
In a partial withdrawal there are no tax consequences unless you take more than your tax basis. Basis is contributions plus amounts previously taxed on. When you sell the stock you may have a gain or loss depending on the cost basis of the stock. ...
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Tax implications
I am wanting to transfer stocks from our investment Club to my personal TDA account rather than to take a cash withdrawal looking at the Member Status Report, will this defer paying tax on the Tax Basis by transferring rather than taking a cash withdrawal? ...
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Why Finance Breeds So Many Arguments
Interesting article by Morgan Housel this morning that has generated some thoughtful discussion in my office. Why Finance Breeds So Many Arguments A A What do you think?A Do you think your perspective about investing is influenced by when you were born?A What about the ...
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Two Things You Need To Do First When You are Deciding on an Investment
%Old School Value blog offers an interesting investing checklist accompanied by a flow chart of the basic steps you should go through to decide if you want to make an investment: Stock Selection Checklist I found it provided several interesting things to think about including ...
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How Much Do You Know About US Tax History?
All you history buffs and those who like learning new things might be interested in this website provided by our friends at the IRS: Understanding Taxes It has a variety of self directed learning activities about the history of our US Income tax system and ...
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Bivio entries
We are a club of 20 members and have a NAV of $185,000. Our members decided we wanted to use some of the funds to pay for a dinner for the members and their guests. We are talking about a $750.00 expenditure to allow us ...
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How many clubs have considered purchasing or purchased bonding for their treasurer?A
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Bivio entries
My advice would be to have the members attending chip in to pay for the dinner rather than take money from the club. Otherwise you are giving the treasurer extra work. One way to deal with the expense is to treat it as a withdrawal ...
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The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier
I highly recommendA The Education of a Value Investor: My Transformative Quest for Wealth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment A book byA Guy Spier . It's a fascinating and personal story of how Guy came to understand Warren Buffett's approach to investing. A He's a "disciple", and ...
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The bivio Watch
I don't know why people are so excited about the hype over the Apple watch.A bivio has had an excellent watch with many useful features for a long time. You can watch the value of your investments on the bivio Valuation Report You can watch ...
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