AccountSync for Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones
Hello All, We are pleased to announce that we have just added Merrill Lynch to our list of brokers supported byA AccountSync . We have also started work on adding Edward Jones support but we need a club who would be interested in helping us ...
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An Unused EIN Number
We are looking to new club. One prospective member got an EIN for us. However it now looks like we will just be joining an existing club negating the need for this EIN. No activity has been transacted on this EIN. How do we close ...
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How does the club record the June merger of Baxalta (BXLT) by Shire (SHPG)?
I don't know how many members you have but to expect a 100% vote is highly unlikely and very limiting when you need to act. Linda Pointe Players Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Original message From: "Mike Jones via ...
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Stock Spin-off
Our club owns shares in Danaher Corp which recently spun-off 40 shares of Fortive. While our broker, Scottrade, is showing this transaction in our holdings, it is not showing on our Bivio account. Is there a lag time with this type of transaction and if ...
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New Jersey Business Registration
Any New Jersey Club. What business Code did you use to register with New Jersey. Thanks Russ Ward Pennies 2 Dollars
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PA Partnership Filing
Hi Folks, I'm looking for help from clubs in PA. Our club is currently registered in NJ but we have members living in both NJ and PA. I'm the treasurer and I live in PA. NJ charges filing fees of $150 per member when the ...
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Does anyone have guidelines stating the max investment that should be allotted to each sector? I'd appreciate any suggestions
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Class A Shares vs. Class C Shares
It seems like a number of high profile companies are creating a second class of shares (usually called Class C shares) that do not have voting rights. Usually this happens as part of stock split where the new shares created are Class C shares. Google ...
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Termination of Alcatel Lucent ADR Program
Termination of the Alcatel Lucent ADr program due to shares being sold to Nokia Corporation in a share purchase agreement. How do I account for this? See attached files. If possible please answer to Thank you Debbie Jones Treasurer DDMK
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How does the club record the June merger of Baxalta (BXLT) by Shire (SHPG)?
We were paid $18.00 for each share of Baxalta plus .1482 shares of Shire for each Baxalta. As our club had 300 shares of Baxalta, we received $5,400 in cash, 44 shares of Shire, and $88.31 for the .46 fractional share. How is this transaction ...
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Please add NVDA to the stock research list
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DBA filing with county
I discovered that our DBA filing had expired and looked into the process of bringing the filing up to date with the county as in Michigan the county is the location of such filings. The county clerk informed me that all signatures needed to be ...
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Tax Program Released
Hello everyone, The Federal tax program and the 5 state tax programs we provide have been released and are available for you to use now if you go to Accounting>Taxes. Just a couple of reminders: 1.A You can't prepare your taxes if you don't have ...
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ADR fee for UL
There is a charge described as an ADR fee for Unilever (UL). How does one account for that in Bivio? Is it a foreign tax?
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Partial withdrawal
At our next meeting there will be a discussion about a member who wishes to make a partial withdrawal from her capital account. What is the experience of other clubs with this issue?
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