NY State Taxes
For those who need to do NY state taxes, A the tax program has now been released.A Note that you need to file NY state taxes if your club is in NY or if any of your club members lives in NY. If you have ...
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Question on 2016 Requirements on Filing for state of OR
Last year I needed to file a 2015 Form 65 for state of OR since one member of the new club lived and worked in that state. During 2016 she lost that job and moved to WA (which doesn't require a state filing). Since her ...
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Heads Up if You Owned KHC or MDLZ in 2016
Just to let you know if you owned either of these stocks in 2016, A revisions to 1099's are just starting to come through because they have reclassified their dividends and gotten information to the brokers late. It's best to wait to file your tax ...
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Partial Withdrawal Taxation
This is why you need to send your question to support, not to this list.A It sounds like you are misinterpreting something.A Unless we can discuss the specifics of what you are looking at and what you are seeing, A it is hard to answer ...
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Off topic was Re: [club_cafe] Fw: [club_cafe] Explaining to members how to access their K-1's
The most recent reply was off topic from: Re: [club_cafe] Fw: [club_cafe] Explaining to members how to access their K-1's The staff at bivio are wonderfully helpful as is the mailing list. I think it would help to change the subject line when the topic ...
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Explaining to members how to access their K-1's
Hello, I got up early to get the club taxes done. Yay me! However, as a treasurer, I'm sure my view of the Bivio site is a bit different from our general members. Can anyone tell me how to walk a member through the site ...
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Explaining to members how to access their K-1's
It may be obvious to most but how do you send send one K-1 from whole PDF of tax return. Thank you, Sent from my HTC Reply message From: "Irina Clements" <> To: <> Subject: [club_cafe] Explaining to members how to access their K-1's Date: ...
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Nonqualified dividend
We have one stock that paid a nonqualified dividend but was listed as a qualified dividend in Bivio. I want to change it but do not see a nonqualified option when I edit it. What do I do? John Rice ABODI Investment Club
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Possible Bug in Form 1065 Generation
I think I may have found a (minor) bug in the software that generates the 1065 Schedule K. We had a cash distribution that was labeled in Bivio as short-term capital gain (STCG) distribution (it was from an ETF). The 1099-DIV we received from our ...
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NY state tax forms
I was just able to complete my club federal tax forms for 2016, but don't see the NY state tax forms on Bivio . How do I complete my state tax forms . Please Help!
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(No Subject)
Help Where are the directions for filing IRS return by mail? Address, which forms etc Thanks
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Spin off Varex Imaging from Varian Medical
TD Ameritrade statement for Jan 31 shows 40 shares of VREX from 100 shares of Varian Med with correct cost basis for both. BIVIO does not show this spin off. Has anyone else had this question? Is it best to do it manually or will ...
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A Most Strange and Complicated Reorganization
Hi All, It appears that companies this year made a point of creating different and unusual reorganizations that unfortunately have impacted stocks a lot of you own. One of these was the purchase of EMC by Dell.A The tax treatment on this one is something ...
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Tax Programs Available
Hi All, The bivio federal tax program is now available for you to use. You can find it by going to Accounting>Taxes. The programs we offer for state taxes for NJ, CO, CA and PA for clubs with Preferred and Active Partnership subscriptions are also ...
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Tax Printer
page 3 of the 1065 - signature data prints high and overprints the form
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