club brokerages
TD Americade is buying Scottrade; the deal will close next September. What brokerages are most popular with Bivio clubs?
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Attn Clubs That Use Folio
Hi All, If your investment club uses Folio Investing as a brokerage and bivio AccountSync to automatically enter your transactions into bivio, you need to take action. We have been made aware that Folio is implementing 2 factor authentication for all of their accounts. A ...
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Our club is breaking up
Our club has disbanded and we have sold all our stock and distributed all the funds.A How do I use Bivio to prepare the final tax return? Thanks. Linda Buckner On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 9:20 AM, Laurie Frederiksen < > wrote: Just ...
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EMC Sale
Does anyone know how to treat the acquisition of EMC by Dell? Do I need to enter the entire holdings as a sale, and then enter the small amount of DELL VM Tracking stock as a purchase for $0? That's what our broker's statement appears ...
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Looking for Investment Ideas?
There's a list of the 100 Fastest growing companies for 2016 from a recent Fortune Magazine ranking: Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies The Fortune list is based on performance over the recent past.A Their methodology for making choices is explained at the link above. A ...
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Something Every Investment Club Treasurer Needs to Know
Want to make sure your tax season goes quickly and smoothly? The tax filing due date for investment clubs has been moved to March 15 2017 for your 2016 taxes.A This gives you less time to get your taxes prepared once you get your 1099 ...
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Club Taxes
Was there a post in here about Investment Club Taxes (Partnerships) being due March 15 rather than April 15?
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Insecurity Questions
Have you heard about the Yahoo security breach?A If you login to Yahoo, A you should make sure to change your login credentials there and anywhere else you use the same information. Then you should make sure not to use the same login information in ...
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Benchmarking When You Buy A Stock
During the rest of September and October, A we'll be discussing items covered in Chapters 1 and 2 of the Stock Rover 12 month educational series available here: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis If your club is in need of educational topics.A Why don't you join ...
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How To Keep Interest In Your Investment Club Alive
Hi All, An investment club is a long term relationship and some clubs have trouble sustaining interest once the initial "honeymoon" period is over. Do any of you have any thoughts about how to do this that you'd like to share?A We've had a request ...
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Withdrawal of Multiple Partners, Doing It Correctly
All, It has been 8 years since I have done a withdrawal of a member and now we have three. In addition the last time, I did anything other than a full cash withdrawal was 2004 (that was for a total of $700). The amounts ...
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Back to School Time!
Hi All, It's September, A a time when many of us regroup and refocus on expanding our horizons by learning something new. I'm pleased to announce that over the summer, we've been busy working with our friends at Stock Rover to put together a 12 ...
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revocable living trust as partner
I've set up my personal assets as a revocable living trust, in Michigan. Is there an issue with transferring my club partnership into the trust? Do I have to select Trust rather than Individual when answering the 2013 tax questionnaire?
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Entering Merger Info
Our club had 1000 shares of FNFG. It merged with KEY. KEY gave us 680 shares of KEY plus $2300. The merger form on bivio only mentions cash in lieu of Fractional shares. How does our club handle the 2300 cash?.
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Withdrawal of a Deceased Member
Another possibility is to have a member "buyout" the deceased member's account. The member buying the account out pays cash to the club then gets the deceased units That way there would be no stock sales and cash to the estate. Tim Hoyman, Colorado Leprechauns ...
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