Please add NVDA to the stock research list
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How does the club record the June merger of Baxalta (BXLT) by Shire (SHPG)?
I don't know how many members you have but to expect a 100% vote is highly unlikely and very limiting when you need to act. Linda Pointe Players Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Original message From: "Mike Jones via ...
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How does the club record the June merger of Baxalta (BXLT) by Shire (SHPG)?
We were paid $18.00 for each share of Baxalta plus .1482 shares of Shire for each Baxalta. As our club had 300 shares of Baxalta, we received $5,400 in cash, 44 shares of Shire, and $88.31 for the .46 fractional share. How is this transaction ...
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DBA filing with county
I discovered that our DBA filing had expired and looked into the process of bringing the filing up to date with the county as in Michigan the county is the location of such filings. The county clerk informed me that all signatures needed to be ...
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Tax Program Released
Hello everyone, The Federal tax program and the 5 state tax programs we provide have been released and are available for you to use now if you go to Accounting>Taxes. Just a couple of reminders: 1.A You can't prepare your taxes if you don't have ...
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ADR fee for UL
There is a charge described as an ADR fee for Unilever (UL). How does one account for that in Bivio? Is it a foreign tax?
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Partial withdrawal
At our next meeting there will be a discussion about a member who wishes to make a partial withdrawal from her capital account. What is the experience of other clubs with this issue?
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does bivio syn with scottrade
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Got Questions?
Do you have questions about expense entries, advanced payment entries, withdrawal entries, how to reimburse a member with units and other non-routine tasks? You come to us most often with questions on these things.A You don't do them often, and they are a bit more ...
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What's Hot and What's Not - May 2016
Wonder what other bivio investment clubs are buying and selling? Here are the top Buy and Sell lists for May 2016: Buys A By number of clubs: By total dollars: 1 AAPL GIMO 2 GILD HPE 3 VZ AAPL 4 T SOXS 5 FB GILD ...
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Who Is Voting?
Some of your investment clubs own TROW and may have heard about their $194 million "mistake" where they didn't vote against a Dell merger deal as they had advocated. A That left them on the hook with their investors for extra compensation when a challenge ...
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Valeant (VRX)
Quick correction. A The ticker for Valeant is VRX, not VAL.A Sorry for any confusion. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A Follow Us on Google+ Click here to A Subscribe A to ...
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Valeant (VAL)
Hi All, I found this a fascinating story and thought may of you might also: The Valeant Meltdown and Wall Streets Major Drug Problem It brings up many points that are interesting to think about when it comes to choosing investments. A Apparently Valeant was ...
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We have had an account with initially TD Waterhouse and since the merger with TD Ameritrade since July 20, 2000. We have been informed just last week that they have no record of any member of our club having authorization for the club even though ...
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Question: Member Percentage Limit
I am wondering if other clubs (in their constitution/charter) have a limit on the percentage a single member can have in the club (e.g. 20%, 25%, 49%, etc...)? What is that limit and why was it chosen? If the member hits or exceeds that limit, ...
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