Why You Don't Want to Look At A Valuation Report
With the market corrections and turmoil going on,A it is tempting to open your investment club Valuation report to see what you have "lost". Here's the valuation report as of yesterday from one of my own clubs: None of us likes to see that we ...
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Highway Funding Bill (and More)....
As part of a highway funding bill recently passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law by the President,A there were some tacked on items related to changes in the tax code. One of them was a change in the filing due ...
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Question for clubs using Folio Investing. How would you rate this broker ? Fair, Good, or Excellent. Are they responsive in a timely manner to a problem ? Do you talk to the same rep each time you need assistance ? Rich
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Mr. Market is Having a Sale
The market is down.A What do your clubs have on your Pounce lists? We are taking a look at STJ, ILMN and ALGN.A We voted to buy some more FAST last night. Other current club holdings that look interesting are PCLN, TROW and GNTX. What ...
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In March of 2015 Visa has a 4 for 1 stock split. After I entered the data on my report the shares held appear as 144.017 but in TD Ameritrade it appears as 144.068. I do I correct this any suggestions. Lucy
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investment definitions
Bull Market : A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius A Bear Market : An extended period where the kids get no allowance and the wife gets no jewelry A Broker : What your broker has made you ...
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Form a club with member residing in different states
Investment clubs need to be general partnerships because members should all have an equal voting position and you do not want to be labeled a mutual fund. Opening accounts or changing officers is a nightmare when it comes to signatures. Many states require a tax ...
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Form a club with member residing in different states
Would like to form an investment club with about 10 members residing in different states. The founder resides or club will be registered in Maryland. Everything will be done online including financial transactions and meetings etc.(it is 2015!! ha ha!) What will be difficulties expected ...
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New bivio Subscription Options
Hello all, We've just sent out a bulletin announcing our new subscription options.A In case you have opted out of receiving bulletins,A here is a link to it: New Subscription Options Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow ...
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inactive members
We have a hardship clause in our by-laws.A In a case of medical treatments, etc. A member may write requesting to take a hardship leave starting with 6 months, then up to 12 if needed. On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 2:15 PM, Lucile Sorrells ...
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inactive members
Do any clubs have a provision for inactive members? We have a member who is having medical treatments in another state and we are not sure how to handle it.
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Bivio price increase
I note that under the "economy" option, the number of allowable transactions drops by one-third, from 400 to 250.A How can we find out how many we used last year?A And what happens if we need more than 250?
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Positive Thoughts
Want to feel good about being an investor?A Here's some positive thoughts about the future from Morgan Housel: 10 Quick Topics to Brighten Your Summer Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A Follow ...
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Subscription Options -Transactions Count
I was interested in transaction numbers over the past several years so I could recommend an appropriate subscription level to my club. Have your treasurer go to Accounting-Accounts-Transactions and click. Go to bottom of page, List Size and change to 100. Go to top. You ...
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Required Attendance
What action would your club take with an original "Founding" member who no longer attends Investment Club Meetings and has 11% holdings of investments in the club?
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