Monthly Treasurers Tasks
Don't forget, A we're offering our "Monthly Treasurer's Tasks" webinar live this coming Sunday. A Sunday May 22, 4PM EDT, A Register Now It's an opportunity to make sure you really understand all the basic tasks you should be performing as a club treasurer. Hope ...
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Treasurer Training
We'll be doing live treasurer training webinars in May and June. Sign Up Now! Whether you're a new treasurer, A a club member or you'd just like to learn more, there's something for everyone. The webinars are free and all are invited but space is ...
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Multiple Investment Strategies Inside One Bivio Account?
Currently running BIVIO with 2 active members and one investment strategy i.e. Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending with Prosper Inc. Now want to add an additional investment strategy of equity trading with TDAmeritrade and 4 additional active members for a total of 6. The 4 ...
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Reimbursement for annual bivio subscription
I followed the instructions for recording the proper entries for reimbursing members for the bivio subscription. I set up the account "Reimbursements" and entered $79 on 4/29/2015 and $179 on 4/24/2016 and then recorded the payments to the members who paid it. (Jill in 2015 ...
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Arkansas reporting
Does anyone know if there are special reporting requirements (other than issuing K-1s to the members) when: --the investment club is in a state other than Arkansas; and --two members are Arkansas residents? I've searched the Arkansas Dept. of Finance & Admin. website and didn't ...
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What's Hot and What's Not
Wonder what other bivio investment clubs are buying and selling? Here are the top Buy and Sell lists from April: Buys A By number of clubs: By total dollars: 1 AAPL SDS 2 GE IMPV 3 GNTX SYMC 4 UA SWKS 5 GILD AAPL 6 ...
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Question: Member Percentage Limit
I am wondering if other clubs (in their constitution/charter) have a limit on the percentage a single member can have in the club (e.g. 20%, 25%, 49%, etc...)? What is that limit and why was it chosen? If the member hits or exceeds that limit, ...
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Question: Member Percentage Limit
Both Rip and Stu have stated arguments that I agree with. My club has a one-person-one-vote rule, no cap on percentage ownership, we have no penalty for not contributing (rarely happens), and all expenses are on a per-person basis rather than by percentage ownership. Bob ...
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Question: Member Percentage Limit
Two issues - Unequal % could breed issues amongst people and it leaves the club open to drmatic decisions when a person with high percentage departs Once you have person(s) with high %, difficult to obtain consensus on actions I say limit to 12% of ...
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Bonding the Treasurer
One of our club members asked if it is wise to bond the Treasurer. She read an article promoting it. I'm looking for opinions and ideas for who/what companies to contact for prices and other requirements. If you don't bond the Treasurer, how do you ...
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Tax Program Released
Hello everyone, The Federal tax program and the 5 state tax programs we provide have been released and are available for you to use now if you go to Accounting>Taxes. Just a couple of reminders: 1.A You can't prepare your taxes if you don't have ...
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Anyone have any experience with Fidelity and trying to change their clubs Treasurer name? Another member has taken up the Treasurer responsibility. I called Fidelity to see if there's a (simple) form to complete. Basically they wanted us to submit almost the identical paperwork as ...
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UA and bivio
Before the split our valuation statement reported we owned 436 shares of UA. After the split the valuation statement says we own 872 of UA and 872 of UAC. I understand the different non-voting shares but I think the amount needs to be corrected. Thanks!
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ITC purchase by Fortis, Tax Consequences of Mergers
If your investment club owns ITC Holdings (ITC), A you should be aware that there is a pending purchase of that company by a Canadian company called Fortis Inc. What will that mean to you? To find out, A we look at a section called ...
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What is the Ticker for UA Class C?
We've had several clubs ask us what the "correct" symbol is for the new Class C Under Armour shares. The answer is that it depends where you are looking. In bivio, A our pricing source uses UAC so that is what you should use in ...
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