Looking to start a club in Manhattan / NYC
Hello How does one go about gathering like minded people to start a club? All my friends are too lazy to learn anything or too busy with night life. I am in Manhattan and curious if there any new clubs here and how they got ...
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Disbanding Club
Dear Gloria, We are sorry to hear your club is disbanding.A Here are the instructions you need to follow to close it down correctly: Note that your operations will not be closed until your final transaction is completed.A This includes the receipt of any ...
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Forced sync
Is there a way to force sync Ameritrade to my Bivio without having to wait until the next day when it will be done automatically?
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Happy 15th Birthday To Us!
Back in 1998, two Stanford graduates, an astrophysicist and a computer engineer, shopped around for an accounting program for their investment club. They found only limited, expensive software. So they developed their own web-delivered application. bivio (from the Latin A bivium , intersection) was born ...
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Investing in Partnerships - KMI Buyout of KMP and EPB
For any who want further reasons for not investing in partnerships, I ask you to talk to clubs that still thought it was fine to purchase shares in KMP and EPB.A They are both being converted from partnerships in a reorganization action taken by their ...
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anniversary wishes
Congratulations to Bivio from all of us here at Double Digit Investment Club. We are a new club, and at first we did not know what to do or how to operate. We made mistakes and had no where to turn to. Finally we said ...
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Happy Birthday
And many more. Thank you for all these years of great support Diane Ellison Greenbills Investment Club
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6 Reasons Not To Do a 5 Minute Records Check Each Month
It's true.A Sometimes it's more fun to watch funny cat videos than spend the time to do a quick check each month that your club records are lining up with what your broker shows.A Here are some more reasons not to check things: You use ...
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Looking for a Club in Dallas, TX
Hello, I am currently looking for a club in Dallas, TX. I just moved here about two years ago and have been investing my whole life. My co-chairs a club in Milwaukee and I am interested in joining one myself. Please let me know! I ...
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FolioInvesting Account
We have been using FolioInvesting for several years and we are pleased, except when our Treasurer resigned. FolioInvesting tells us the only way we can remove the Treasurer (who is designated "Owner") of the account is to close the account and open a new account. ...
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Happy Thanksgiving!
May the turkeys stay out of your portfolio. May the black on your Friday be due to gains in your investments. May you enjoy the gift of friends and family to share special times with. May you continue to feed your curiosity with all the ...
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Transferring shares to another member
Transferring shares is a gift. If the value is over 14,000 a gift tax return will be required. Linda Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Original message From: Date:11/24/2014 8:41 AM (GMT-05:00) To: Cc: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Transferring ...
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Laurie, I never said your info was inaccurate. It was other postings that were incorrect. I work in a tax office that prepares many tax returns. We use the 1099 to determine qualified dividends. That is the information that is given to the IRS and ...
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Transferring shares to another member
A member asked me if there is a way for a member to leave our club and transfer all her shares to another member (her daughter) ?
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There is some misinformation here about qualified dividends. Most stocks, but not all yield qualified dividends if you hold the stock for at least 30 days within the 60 day period inclusive of the dividend payout date. (I believe it is 30 days, but certainly ...
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