Congratulations on 23 Years MIGC Investment Club!
Another club has decided to take advantage of the opportunity to earn a discount on their next renewal and a chance to win a free subscription. Join us in showing your appreciation for the MIGC investment club of Cheney Washington by liking their post: MIGC ...
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It's good to celebrate milestones.A It reminds you how far you've come and how much you have already accomplished.A We're all focused on moving forward and the obstacles we are going to be facing.A A reminder that we've already successfully navigated many things gives us ...
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Unexpected Bonuses
Isn't it nice to receive extra income from our investments?A Last month,A those of us who owned TROW received a $2.00 per share special dividend. This month,A those of you who own GOOG, received a stock distribution. They issued it to settle a litigation about ...
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Explanation on units
The value per unit changes every day due to changes in the value of the investments, so whenever a partner puts money in the club the number of units will be calculated based on the valuation date the club uses for that month. If members ...
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Explanation on units
Where can I get an explanation on how club units are calculated? I have two people who joined at the same time but have different returns. One contributes the same amount each month while the other contributes vary each month. The one who contributes the ...
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Win A 1 Year Free bivio Subscription
Hi Everyone, Help us spread the word about bivio and investment clubs, earn a discount on your club subscription and get a chance to win a free 1 year bivio subscription! Here's how: 1.A Go to our bivio Facebook page. 2.A Upload a photo ...
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Stock Splits
We were recently asked this question about an upcoming stock split and I thought many of you might be interested in the answer since you may have stocks that announce a split at some point. Question: "Does Bivio automatically handle stock splits? If not, I ...
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Club Performance Results
Sounds great Larry.A Beating the index for long periods of time is not an easy thing to do. We're always glad to hear about club successes.A I'm sure everyone would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on the reasons for your success if you'd ...
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The Bottom Line at Amazon
Here's an interesting analysis of the recently reported Amazon earnings numbers.A It directly relates to our discussion recently about how earnings numbers are often "adjusted" in various reports.A In this case,A there's a lot to learn and consider from understanding what the adjustments were.A They ...
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A Pleasant Surprise
What do you know? CNBC was on in the background this afternoon and it turns out Roy Chastain, frequent contributor to this list, was a guest. How Main Street is Playing Wall Street Way to go Roy! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become ...
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The Mystery is Over!
Mark and the rest of you will be glad to hear that the club I mentioned yesterday has agreed to let me share more information about them.A The club is the Investment Disciples from the state of Washington. It turns out that QPRR is not ...
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The End is Near?
I loved this quote from Morgan Hausels recent article: "The reason you make money in stocks is because you're willing to hold assets where the future is unknown, bad things can happen, and outcomes are uncertain. There is never -- ever -- such thing as ...
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Tax implications
In a partial withdrawal there are no tax consequences unless you take more than your tax basis. Basis is contributions plus amounts previously taxed on. When you sell the stock you may have a gain or loss depending on the cost basis of the stock. ...
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Earnings figures differ
This is a really good article explaining some of the reasons you need to understand the data you use for stock selection. Mark Eckman
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Some of you have owned shares of stocks in your investment clubs that have been "Delisted".A This doesn't mean the company is bankrupt, but may mean you should be concerned.A Here's a good discussion of what delisting is: What Happens When My Stock Gets Delisted? ...
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