Ending Account Sync
How do I end Account Sync for a Broker? Do I simply remove the account sync information in the info are?
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emailing pdf. files of SSG to club members who do not have program
Can anyone tell me how to email copies of a completed SSG6 to members who do not have the SSG6 program? I could convert them to a pdf. file when I had windows XP, but that no longer works with Windows 7 which I now ...
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Stuffed With Gratitude
Thanksgiving is a day of stuffing ourselves with food, with gratitude and with good times shared with friends and family. Thank you for sharing your investing journey with us.A We are grateful for the opportunity to share your experiences with you.A We enjoy hearing from ...
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HP split
Does anyone have shares in HP? Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard (symbol HPQ) split into two companies: HP Inc. (symbol HPQ) and HP Enterprise (HPE). My understanding from the documents issued by the company is that for every old (pre-split) share of HPQ, shareholders would ...
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HP split
This is the info about getting the HPQ reorganization entered into Bivio. I have asked Laurie to do this for us. Susan. Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App Original Message From: To: Cc: Sent: 2015-11-24 06:26:17 GMT Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Re: HP split ...
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Pfizer (PFE) and Allergan (AGN) Merger
Pfizer (PFE) and Allergan (AGN) today announced agreement on a merger between the companies that, if everything gets approved,A should take place in the second half of 2016: Pfizer and Allergan to CombineA This is a tax inversion in which Allergan (an Irish company) will ...
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Monthly or yearly lump sum dues
What is the ramification of someone paying a lump sum for the year vs. the monthly dues style? For example - paying $600 in January and making the $50 a month payment on valuation date per month. Where would this lump sum be put kept? ...
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Webinar Recording Now Posted
The recording and presentation for Tuesday nights webinar about getting ready for tax season is now posted: Getting Ready for Tax Season - End of Year Tasks Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A ...
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Your Investment Club Has Advantages the Pros Don't
Did you ever think that you may be at an advantage as a small investor? You have opportunities to excel as an investment club that the big guys don't have.A Here's some of them: How You, The Amateur Investor, Can Beat the Pros Laurie Frederiksen ...
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Is Your Investment Club Interested in This Company?
Gilead (GILD) is the second A most popular A stock owned by bivio investment clubs. Our friends at A Stockrover A have put together this comprehensive writeup about Gilead for you. It demonstrates how to use the information on their site to help you make ...
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Spin Off
I was checking on our short term and long term capital gains agains our brokers report to make sure everything matched before I need to deal with taxes and found that DuPont either spun off or changed company names to Chemours Company and when we ...
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Tracking preformace of stock held by club
Does anyone out there have a good spreadsheet to track Club stock purchased and if they are meeting the SSG performance by quarter/year. In bivio it will show your annualized return. I am looking for something that will show our club members if we are ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour
I ran across this video by Bill Ackman recently and thought some of you might find watching it a good educational activity for your investment clubs.A I think he does a good job covering a lot of basic investing topics.A The information is presented very ...
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GE Offering of Synchrony (SYF) Stock
GE is the third most widely held stock by bivio investment clubs.A One club recently asked about documents they had received from their broker that asked if they wanted to exchange some of their shares of GE stock for Synchrony (SYF) shares.A This has come ...
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Discrepancy between Bivio and Brokerage (Scottrade) account
Re: South Shore Seniors Investment Club. Laurie, we've got a major difference between figures shown on these two accounts on our 10/02/2015 sale of 35 shares of CAT. A It seems that Bivio assumes that the sale was FIFO.A CAT was purchased in several small ...
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