Bivio # of "units"
Can someone provide an description of how the number of units are figured for us on Bivio? Also, our club allows members to pay as much as they want each month ($25/mo minimum) so we're wondering how that affects others in the club. One member ...
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Thinking About Money
I just ran across this blog by Seth Godin and thought it was a great list of things to remember when we're thinking about money: 16 Insights About Money Since I think investment club members are probably more savvy about their finances than many others, ...
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Looking for Investment Ideas that Might Help You Improve Your Relative Return?
Is your investment club having a hard time beating the market these days? Investments in smaller, faster growing companies can sometimes be the trick to giving you that edge you're looking for. Where to find them? You're in luck. It's the time of year when ...
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Windstream Holdings, Inc. (WIN)
Our club discussed this company last night at our meeting, Windstream Holdings, Inc. (WIN). I am wondering if any of you have experience with it? Is it one of those where we want to avoid it because of the club tax ramifications that may come ...
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Lots of New Ticker Reserch Pages
Per your most recent requests, here are our newest Ticker Research Pages: A Agilent ABX Barrick Gold ADP Automatic Data Processing BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond BMY Briston-Meyers Squibb CHD Church & Dwight DUK Duke Energy ESRX Express Scripts Holding Company FEIC FEI Company FTR ...
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Is Windows 8 driving you crazy?
Fellow Investors, Hi I am Paul Madison and I am the TheCOOL_Club Dude. I host the bivio site called COOL_Club which stands for Covered Options Online Learning Club. We have been on a bit of a break but will be back soon. In the meantime, ...
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Printing in Windows 8
While we're on the topic of Windows 8, it has also raised questions on how to print the bivio reports. bivio reports are printed using your browser print function. It used to be pretty easy to find this. Print would be found on the browser ...
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Online Retirement Class - Free
All: I thought I would send this information as many of us are ultimately trying to invest to enable retirement. Online classes are not necessarily easy, but the content and delivery sounded engaging and informative. Happy Columbus Day weekend, Irina NY Times Article Finance ...
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If I mistakenly put a member on our roster who does not actually join the club and submit funds do I just withdraw them or is their a way to delete them. Steve Hannemann
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Dear Leo, We are always glad to research specific tickers for you before you purchase them. Just email them to However, a REIT is a REIT and the inherent complications that come with them are due to the nature of the beast. There may ...
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A New Item For Your Reading List
My earlier post about learning more about financial statements brought in this recommendation for a read from a bivio club member: Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports I've already ordered my copy! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! ...
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Starting a Club - Issues
Hi all, As you of course know, we at bivio believe joining an investment club is a great way to learn about investing. We'd like to encourage people to start or join an investment club and we are wondering if you can help us out. ...
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Introduction To Financial Accounting
As an investor, the more you can learn about financial accounting, the more empowered you will begin to feel. Here is a link to a free, online course given by the Wharton School of Business that Business Insider considers excellent: An Introduction to Financial Accounting ...
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Over The Counter Stocks
Some stocks are not sold on the regular exchanges. They are are sold "Over the Counter". Pricing information for them can be sketchy to get. They may be very thinly traded. There may be days or weeks between trades. This means their value at any ...
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15 Biases That Make You Do Dumb Things With Your Money
This is a great list from Morgen Housel of the Motley Fool. Does your Investment club have any of them? 15 Biases That Make You Do Dumb Things With Your Money I can see some of these biases when I think about the discussions we ...
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