Final Distributions
I just finished doing the final distributions for closing out our club.A However, the amounts to be distributed and the amounts that actually posted when I did the final withdrawals are off by $.01.A Riggsa€(TM) distribution from the bank account is $.01 more than her ...
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Un-accounted for deposit
We do our monthly investments using electronic funds transfer into our club checking account at Comerica bank. We received a deposit in mid April for $130.76 that we can't tie to any partner. We've asked the bank to research it. They can't find any information ...
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Monthly Treasurer Tasks
Doing a quick reconciliation each month and checking your cost basis when you sell a stock are two of the most important treasurers tasks. These are two of the topics we'll be discussing this Sunday evening in our webinar describing how to perform your "Monthly ...
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sample agreement docs for incorporated LLC or LP club
Investment clubs do not conduct business nor deal in products nor services. They just invest so there is no need to worry about liability, other than fraud committed by a partner. An LLC or LLP would subject the club to additional fees paid yearly to ...
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Sample agreement docs for LLC or LP type Club
Most of investment clubs are structured as unregistered partnerships. I would like to put my club as incorporated LLC or LP(limited partners). Where can i find sample agreement or membership agreements suitable specifically for LLC or LP type of investment Clubs? Any particular changes should ...
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Do It Yourself? Or Not?
I think it's safe to say that most of us involved in investment clubs are Do It Yourselfers.A We want to have the knowledge to make our own financial decisions.A Even if we eventually need help, we want to know enough that we ask good ...
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Good customer service
thank you especially Linda and Paul... we will review your responses and make a decision. Sent from Surface Pro From: Linda Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎May‎ ‎13‎, ‎2014 ‎1‎:‎14‎ ‎AM To: We use Fidelity. You can get them to give you 50 free trades and then ...
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Good customer service
Our club has decided to switch from TD Ameritrade. WE are looking at Fidelity. I was wondering if anyone uses Fidelity and what has been your experience... especially customer service when there is a problem. Thanks in advance Sent from Surface Pro
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AccountSync Brokers
Hi Judy, Here is the list of AccountSync brokers.A We can import their transactions automatically: AccountSync Brokers Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A Follow Us on Google+ Click here to Subscribe to the ...
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Handling Late Payments
During last nights webinar, one of the participants asked about charging penalties when someone was late with their club contributions. Do any of you have any advice/experience you could share with her? How does your club handle late member payments?A Have you found your methods ...
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bivio is showing a "Return of capital, GOOGLE INC CL A (GOOGL) Spin-off" in our broker account. Our broker account does not match that. We did not receive capital in the split. Can you explain this please?
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stock splits ( GOOG )( GOOGL ) 2 for 1
note: will account sync take care of this entry
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Gift of Club Units
Is it possible to Gift(not sale) investment Club Units from one club member to another club member(within same club)? I am aware of annual gift limits of $13000 or so.. Any IRS forms or Club agreements to fill for such gifts?.. Thanks
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Throwback Thursday #TBT
I was wondering why people started posting so many old photos on Facebook.A After some research I discovered I am totally out of it.A They are part of the new "Throwback Thursday" movement.A It is fun to see them. We don't have old bivio pictures ...
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Tax Season Decompression
Now that we've made it through tax season, it would be nice to hear some feedback from you all. Did the process go smoothly for your club? We changed the tax preparation page a little bit this year.A The intent was to try and give ...
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