Cash Plus Stock Merger Reporting on Your Taxes
The tax program has been adjusted so that it will now report information from cash plus stock mergers such as MHS-ESRX and CHSI-CTRX correctly on the new form 8949. If your club owned a stock which went through such a merger, use the Schedule D ...
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Shopping On The Top Shelf (Highest Quality)
Highest Quality Companies, On Sale? Coach (COH) Cognizant Technology (CTSH) Mesa Labs (MLAB) SolarWinds (SWI) Mark Robertson Blog:
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Recording of Tax Webinar Now Posted
For those who would like to learn how to do their club taxes for this year or would like to learn how to handle the new Schedule D review form, the recording of our recent webinar on preparing your investment club taxes is now posted ...
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Nondividend distribution for AWI
I received an amended tax form from TD Ameritrade that changed our 145.35 4/10/12 dividend from Armstrong World Industries, Inc (AWI) to 43.95 being a qualified dividend and the rest, 101.40 as a nondividend distribution. I do not know what distribution type to choose. Can ...
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Teva - Qualified Dividends?
Our broker has indicated that these dividends are qualified. How do I know for sure?
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Medco merger
Our broker has reported the cash distribution from the merger of Medco with Express Scripts as Long-term capital Gain -Box B. Bivio shows it as a Capital Gain distribution on line 14 of Schedule. Where should this properly be shown?
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Interest received from Broker on a money market acct.
Interest received from a Broker should it stay in Interest or should it be posted in Dividend, I know a read a article on it out here on Bivio but I can't find it again. Thanks again for all you help. Georgine Gubbins
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Inteliquent Ex-Dividend Date for Tax Form
Posting this here in case others have the same problem. I sent to Bivio Support and am waiting for a response. According to the FAQ on the Inteliquent website, the special one-time cash dividend that IQNT paid on 10/30/2012 was subject to a NASDAQ rule ...
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Pennsylvania Tax Filing Procedures
As a first year filer, our club is seeking some guidance regarding our Pennsylvania state filing (we formed January 18, 2012). 1. Should the federal 1065 and K1's be included with our state informational mailing? After completing some reading on the PA website, it appears ...
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Cognizant Technology (CTSH)
Bivions, For shareholders and stock watchers of Cognizant Technology (CTSH), here's a look at our points of view stock study diligence on the company: Let us know if you have questions or would like to see another company under the analysis scope. Best regards, ...
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ETF Dividends: qualified vs nonqualified
I have a question regarding ETF dividends. Our 1099 from TD Ameritrade indicates that a portion of each ETF dividend is "nonqualified" while a larger amount is listed as "qualified". (For example, a dividend of $11.64 is shown as $10.34 qualified and $1.30 nonqualified.) Can ...
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A recording of the Tax Webinar
Thank you for saying that the webinar on the 24th will be recorded and made available for viewing later Diane Ellison
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bivio 2012 Investment Club Tax Software Is Now Available!
The 2012 Tax Program is Released! We have been working very diligently to incorporate the last minute changes to the investment club tax program. It is now available for you to use if you go to Accounting>Taxes. There are some significant changes this year. You ...
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Special Dashboard Diagnostics Session Tonight
Manifest Investing maintains several special portfolios to give you different perspectives on investing and ideas for your investment clubs. What's the purpose of each of them? How can you use them to generate ideas and stay on top of your favorite stocks? Tonight Mark Robertson ...
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One of the reasons for the time it is taking to release the tax program this year is the inclusion of a new form called an 8949. Information on this form will need to agree with the 1099-B forms you will receive from your broker. ...
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