Stock Market Volatility and You
Want to learn how to embrace the roller coaster ride? At tonights COOL Club session, COOL Dude Paul Madison will be discussing Market Volatility. What is it? How is it measured? How can you learn to use it to make investing decisions? Participants will take ...
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Trefis Webinar Tonight
Just a reminder that Trefis will be doing a webinar for you tonight at 8:30 PM ET. They'll show you how Trefis works and how you can use it to learn more about the companies you invest in. You can use it to easily make ...
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Your Investment Club and QCOM
At last nights Challenge Club meeting, attendees voted down a motion to purchase shares of QCOM. It was a close vote. Any thoughts? Are your investment clubs considering QCOM? Do you already own it? One attendee described it as a company that was "riding Apple's ...
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I Never Have Time For My Investment Club Meetings
I have been a member of at least one investment club since 1998. I had a club meeting last night. Like many days of many of my club meetings over the years, I was incredibly busy with other things and had no clue how I ...
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Investor Bulletin: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Hi Everyone, I know many of you discuss investing in ETF's in your investment clubs. This is an interesting bulletin sent out by the SEC Office of Investor Education that gives you a good overview of what they are and things you should know about ...
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Getting Into Bivio
Two of our members are having trouble getting into the Bivio program. They both own Apple computers. Any suggestions ? M Trytten
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Challenge Club Meeting-Sept. 18, 9PM ET
Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that the Manifest Investing online Challenge Club meeting is on Tuesday Sept. 18 at 9PM ET (A little later start than usual). Join us to listen, learn and participate if you'd like as we manage this virtual portfolio as a ...
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Selling Drip Stocks
Is there a form created for selling drip stocks?
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Learning From Mistakes
We have a good discussion going on over at the COOL Club about learning from mistakes. Mistakes are usually not serious but the lessons they teach are usually not forgotten. How about those of you here? Anybody make a mistake in your clubs as you've ...
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Parameter of the Week-Short Squeeze
Ever heard the expression, caught with your pants down? Ever wonder what the talking heads mean when they mention short squeezes? A short squeeze is when a short seller of a stock is caught with his pants down. Short sellers sell stock they don't own ...
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The System of Investor Protection
Your basis for making investing decisions is only as good as the information you receive about the financial position of a company. Financial reports must be audited by independent outside auditors. Their interface with the company is through an Audit committee. An Audit committee is ...
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Does Your Investment Club Own Any of These Stocks?
If you do, you might be really interested in tomorrow nights Dashboard Diagnostics session which will be held online at 9PM ET. Mark Robertson from Manifest Investing will discuss the stocks which are most widely followed at Manifest Investing. You can see the list here: ...
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Master Limited Partnerships (MLP's)
We try and try to let you know ahead of time not to invest in MLP's in your investment clubs. It's not that we want to deprive you of anything, it's just that they come with complicated tax reporting issues which are beyond the scope ...
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Parameter of the Week-Short Interest Ratio
There are lots of things investors use to try and give them an edge on choosing stocks. One of them is called the Short Interest Ratio. You might find it an interesting exercise in your investment club meetings to take a look at it for ...
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Earn Some Extra Income On Your Cash Selling Cash Secured Puts
At the last COOL Club meeting, a Cash Secured Put on Coach was sold for $1.25 in the Virtual Trading Simulator. Have you ever been interested in learning why you might do this? As of a few minutes ago, the status of this trade can ...
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