Educational Topics for Your Club Meetings
Are you looking for educational topics that will be easy and interesting to present for your club meetings? If so, you might be interested in using one of these recordings of presentations done by Manifest Investing last weekend: Foundations: Fundamentals with Focus on Forecasts Group ...
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Phillips 66 (PSX) Spinoff from Conoco (COP)
A lot of you own Conoco Phillips stock (COP). As of today, you are also owners of shares of the downstream part of their business that they have spunoff under the name Phillips 66 (PSX) What are your thoughts on keeping PSX, and/or even the ...
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We Need Pictures! Do You Need a 1 Year Free Subscription?
Say Cheese! We'd love to have some pictures of you and your clubs to use on our website and Facebook pages. May is a great time for taking pictures. The weather is nice and you might be getting together with your club friends in lots ...
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Does Anybody Need to Do A Stock Study on GE?
GE is the second most widely held stock by bivio investment clubs. There are probably a lot of you out there who need to do stock reports on your holding at your club meetings. You might find this Trefis article very useful: Still Cautious on ...
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Now This Is What I Call A Transaction List
This has to win a prize for the best transaction list for a club: Hats off to the Mad Loot investment club, subject of a fascinating Dashboard Diagnostics session last night. The recording will be posted soon and we'll send out a link to it. ...
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eonfused & disappointed
We logged on to the Bivio webinar on 4/24/12 at 7:21 PM MDT having received notice that the webinar was to begin @ 9:30 PM EDT only to find that the webinar was in its final 10 minutes of presentation. What's up?
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Apple Conference Call
Apple just ended their conference call with this song: Who says conference calls are just boring accounting numbers. :) Nice job Apple! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! Follow us on twitter! Click here to Subscribe to ...
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New Member
I am looking to join a club in Colorado Springs, any suggestions
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Research Service
I was curious as to what other clubs use for research services. Do any clubs rely mainly on the free services available on-line at home through the local library such as Morningstar Premium or Value Line Research Center? For clubs that do, have you built ...
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Don't Miss Session of Dashboard Diagnostics Tonight
The monthly Dashboard Diagnostics sessions are always a treat and tonights is no exception. (Plus it will be an opportunity to get together with some like minded investors and commiserate on the outcome of the Apple earnings report coming out this afternoon) Join Mark Robertson ...
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Online Clubs
Hi All- I am interested in joining an online investment club. I am already the treasurer in my own investment club but I have an interest in joining a second club, online only. Are any of you out there accepting members? Please drop me a ...
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AAPL-What Are Other Clubs Doing?
Apple was a topic of discussion at one of my recent club meetings. We happened to meet on a day when the stock price had recently fallen from highs around 630 to 580 This concerned some club members, but others thought perhaps this meant there ...
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Earnings Season
It's earnings season. I know a lot of your clubs are interested in many of the companies that are reporting. To aid in your analysis of their latest results, here's a list from Trefis that shows you their current valuation estimates and links to their ...
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Earnings Conference Calls
I have often felt I get really good perspectives about a company by listening to their quarterly earnings conference calls. This is something everyone can now do. You just sign up in the Investor Relations section at company websites. If you can't make it when ...
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Program requests price updates for INTC
Occasionally - perhaps every 4 - 6 weeks - I am asked to provide a price for Intel for a specific date. We have an INTC position and as far as I can tell the symbol is correctly listed with the holding. I always get ...
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