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02/16/2011 Raymond Jackson, Full Withdrawal in Stock
Report Preparation Date 07/21/2024
Member Valuation Date 02/15/2011
Unit Value  13.270176
Units Withdrawn  46.900660
Withdrawal Value  622.38
Cash  28.36
Investments' FMV  594.02
Withdrawal Value  622.38
Member's Basis Before Withdrawal  496.32
Current Income Allocation 
(A) Adjusted basis  496.32
Member's Cost Basis of Property Distributed:
Cash  28.36
Stock  467.96
(B) Total  496.32
Member's Basis After Withdrawal 
Gain/(Loss) Realized on Withdrawal (B)-(A) 
Note- any gain/loss realized on withdrawal must be reported by the member on Schedule D of the 1040. This report should be run as of the end of the year to ensure that all adjustments for the year have been reflected.
Investments Transferred, Market Value 02/16/2011
Name Acquisition
Shares Price per
Cost Basis
Member's Adj.
Cost Basis
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc (CMG) 02/22/2010 2.250000 264.0100 594.02 234.87 467.96