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Da Demo club is a demonstration bivio investment club. Its purpose is to provide you an opportunity to learn more about making investment club accounting entries.

Andrew Green Brittany Chastain Jessica Chang

Da Demo is a fairly new club. They started in 2009 and they currently have 9 members.

Their operating guidelines and rules are based on the bivio recommended partnership agreement and operating procedures.

The club meets monthly. Each member contributes a minimum of $25 per month. Members use automatic bill pay from their personal bank accounts to send their contributions directly to their club brokerage account. They schedule them to arrive by a certain date each month. That way, the treasurer does not have to chase down anyones contribution and they have money to invest at every meeting.

Chris Anderson Megan Wilson Justin Martinez

They make their stock selections by looking for quality companies whose business model they understand. They want to invest in companies with good growth potential that are selling at attractive prices. (They are learning just like the rest of you, so you don't want to copy any of their stock picks without doing your own research and making your own decisions).

Annie Carlson Rachel Kiklas Ryan Washington

They feel good about the rate of return they've gotten on their portfolio since they started. Even if it hasn't been beating the return of the market, it has certainly been soundly beating returns in "safe" investments like CD's. In addition, they've learned a lot for their $25 a month.

Here is their performance so far: Performance Benchmark Report

Follow their story on Club Cafe as they handle accounting situations you may encounter in your own club. You'll be able to look at their accounting entries as examples of what you need to do to make your own entries.

You can view their accounting entries here: Da Demo Club