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Monthly Financial Report


Each month,  you should review the status of your groups finances.  A monthly report by your treasurer or financial partner should include the first three reports on the Accounting>Reports page.



All bivio accounts should be reconciled with your financial institution information through the date shown on the report.  Reports dated the same day as your meeting should be considered preliminary and should not be used to finalize withdrawal payout amounts.  Stock prices are not updated until late in the evening and AccountSync transactions for that day will be entered the next morning.

The member status and transaction history reports should cover the time frame since your last meeting.

  • Valuation Report
    • This shows the value of your assets including both your investments and any cash you have in your accounts.  Your treasurer should demonstrate that this report agrees with your financial institution statements.
    • More on the Valuation Report
  • Member Status Report
    • This report shows member contributions which have been recorded since your last meeting and the current status of each member's account.  Everyone should confirm that his/her payments have been recorded correctly.
    • More on the Member Status Report
  • Transaction History Report
    • This report shows all the financial transactions that have been recorded in bivio for the time frame reported on.  This includes any income such as dividends or interest,  any stock purchases and sales and any expenses that you’ve had.  All club members should confirm that the transactions entered were agreed to by the club.
    • More on the Transaction History Report
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