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Quest for Positive Relative Returns

Join in the bivio Quest for Positive Relative Returns to monitor and learn whether your investing decisions are producing results More...

Starting A Club

Why Start a Club?
Motivation to Learn To Invest
10 Reasons to Start an Investment Club
Business Structure-General Partnership, LLC or Corporation?


Your Club Meeting

Your Monthly Financial Report
Setting Up A StockWatcher Schedule
Benchmarking Your Portfolio


Educational Topics for Club Meetings

--Descriptions and activity suggestions
Introduction to Corporate Balance Sheets
Why Look at Corporate Financial Reports?
Corporate Financial Restatements-How do we know? What should we do?



Supported Brokers


Club Expenses

Investment Club Expenses
Deductible and Non Deductible Expenses


Valuation Dates

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Valuation Dates


Using the bivio Website

How to Join the Club Cafe Discussion List


Auditing Your Records

How to Audit Your Investment Club Records
Investment Club Audit Form



Getting Ready for Tax Time
Preparing Investment Club Taxes
Filing Requirements and Late Filing Penalties
Revised 1099's and Amended Partnership Tax Returns


New Treasurer

Orientation to Club Accounting
Monthly Treasurer Tasks
Non Monthly Treasurer Tasks
The One Minute Treasurer


Member Payments

Identifying Payments
Online Billpay/Sending Checks Directly to TDAmeritrade
Online Billpay/Sending Checks Directly to Folio Investing



Reconciling Your Investment Club Records



Entering Withdrawals
Partial Withdrawals
Full Withdrawals


Special Accounting Situations

Before You Invest-
Investments bivio may not be able to account for

Master Limited Partnerships-MLP's
Real Estate Investment Trusts-REIT's
More Real Estate Investment Trust Info-REIT's
Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Checks



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