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Thank you for your interest in Cross Country.

Cross Country is an on-line investment club based on the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) philosophy of long-term investing in strong, well-managed, growth companies.

Another important philosophy is learning by active participation. Members are required to do self study and to contribute to all of our activities. Managing an investment club is not a walk through the park!

If you have not yet explored the club's public web site, please do. If there is something about the club you do not understand, feel free to ask questions until you do.

If you are interested in applying for membership, please complete this application in full and E-mail it back to us.

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  • Personal web site (or favorite web sites):
  • 1. Please tell us a little about yourself, your occupation, hobbies, age, etc., so we can get a picture of you.
  • 2. An investment club is an important commitment. Are you able to dedicate as much as 2 hours per week doing assigned homework, research, stock studies?
  • 3. Will you take responsibility for learning the NAIC procedures and worksheets? Have you ever used any of the NAIC forms such as the SSG? If yes, which ones? How familiar are you with these tools? What software have you used?
  • Note: Before becoming a member of the club it would be advisable to have at least a basic knowledge of NAIC's Stock Selection Guide (the SSG). You will also eventually be expected to explore the NAIC web site to understand basic investment principles, and to purchase and learn one of the available programs, either Toolkit or Stock Analyst.

  • 4. Please tell us about your investing expertise and the number of years you have invested in stocks, mutual funds, etc. Do you own any securities and if so, which types? Write a short essay on your approach to investing, your sources of information, and any guidelines that you use for picking securities to buy. Do you have any expertise in a specific area of investing or in a certain industry? Have you ever invested on your own or used a broker?
  • 5. Have you ever been a member of any other investment club? If so, tell us about the club, how many years you were a member, what offices you held, and what your special contributions to the club have been.
  • 6. Are you a member of the NAIC? As an individual or club member? How long? Do you belong to the Computer Group?
  • 7. Please write a short essay (400 words or less) on why you would like to be a member of Cross Country. What are your expectations of the Club and what do you hope to learn and achieve? What specific qualities do you have that you could contribute to the club?

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