Live Chat Channel

The Login Box below will take you to the
CCIC Chat Channel on Chatster.

TO LOGIN: Enter a nickname (required) and click " CHAT NOW".  Your nickname can be anything you like and will be what users see on their screens as they chat with you.  Please be patient as it can take a minute to log in.  As this is a java chat client, you may be required by your browser to grant permission to run it.

TO CHAT:  Once you are connected, another box will appear on your screen with you logged into the CCIC Chat Channel.  Your nick will appear with others in the right hand side.  If you wish, you can adjust the overall size of the chat box to your preference.  To send a message to the channel, type your text in the bottom section and press the "enter" key on your keyboard.


powered by chatsters

The partners of CCIC wish to express their appreciation to the netadmins of Chatster for providing this service.

mIRC, Mozilla, Trillian and other types of clients can use these settings:

port: 6667
channel: #ccic

OR if your client is configured to use hyperlinks,
click here: irc://

For help on using Chatster services such as NickServ, ChanServ
and Memoserve, you can visit their help page.  There is also a free
mIRC helper script available to automate using the services.