Before You Invest!

Before you make an investment, check this list!

These are specific investments which have tax issues that may make your club accounting difficult or even impossible to do using bivio. If your club purchases any of these, you may find that you will have to hire an outside tax professional to prepare your yearly investment club tax returns.

This does not mean these are bad investments, it just means that you need to decide ahead of time whether any gains you receive will be worth the expense of complying with any tax issues they bring along with them.

This list is not all inclusive. It is continually updated. If you have any questions about something that is not here, ask us first at We're much happier to check things out for you ahead of time than to have to inform you at tax time that you have a problem.

Red flags-If an investment you are looking at has any of the following in its name you should check with us first. REIT, Realty, MLP, LP, LLC, Partners, Trust

The fact that something has a ticker and trades on a stock exchange does not mean you are OK.

If you know of an investment that should be on this list, let us know.


(Tax reporting not included in bivio services)

  • ACMP-Access Midstream Partners-LP
  • ARLP-Alliance Resources Partners-LP
  • BPL-Buckeye Partners LP
  • BX-Blackstone Group LP --- Note: Blackstone converted from a partnership to a corporation on July 1, 2019
  • CXQ Cheniere Energy Partners LP
  • EEP-Enbridge Energy Partners
  • EPD-Enterprise Products Partners
  • ETE-Energy Transfer Equity LP
  • ETP-Energy Transfer Partners LP
  • FGP-Ferrellgas Partners LP
  • FMO-Fiduciary-Claymore MLP Opportunity
  • IEP-Icahn Enterprises LP
  • KMP-Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
  • MMP-Magellan Midstream Partners LP
  • MTP-MLP Strategic Equity Fund
  • SPH-Suburban Propane Partners LP
  • TCLP-TC Pipelines LP
  • TNCLP-Terra Nitrogen Company LP
  • TYN-Tortoise North American Energy Corp.
  • TYY-Tortoise Energy Capital Corp.
  • UGA-United Gasoline Fund LP
  • UNG-United States Natural Gas Fund, LP
  • USG-United States Oil Fund, LP
  • More Partnerships


(Manual tax time adjustments required, possible delays in filing. learn more )

  • AMT-American Tower
  • DRE-Duke Realty Corporation
  • ESS-Essex Property Trust
  • FRT-Federal Realty Investment Trust
  • IYR-iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate (ETF)
  • KIM-Kimco Realty Corporation
  • NLY Annaly Capital Management
  • NNN-National Retail Properties Inc.
  • O-Realty Income Corp.
  • OFC-Corporate Properties Trust., Inc.
  • PSR-PowerShares Active US REIT's
  • RWR-SPDR DJ Wilshire REIT
  • UHT-Universal Health Realty Trust
  • VNQ-Vanguard REIT ETF
  • WRI-Weingarten Realty Investors
  • WRIT-Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
  • More REITs

Commodity ETFs

(Extremely complex manual tax time adjustments required, possible delays in filing. learn more )

  • DBC-Powershares Commodity Index Tracking Fund
  • GLD-SPDR Gold Trust
  • SLV-iShares Silver Trust
  • UDN-Powershares DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund
  • More Commodity ETFs