bivio Bucks Program

You can earn discounts on bivio services by referring other clubs to bivio. For each referral, your club gets a $100 credit towards future subscriptions!

Here's how to earn bivio Bucks for your club:

  1. Introduce your friends to bivio and tell them to enter your Club ID when they make their first payment for their bivio subscription.
  2. Check your club's subscription info and watch your bivio Bucks counter go up and up.

When a club pays for a bivio service and enters your Club ID, you'll get 100 bivio Bucks. This entitles you to a $100 discount on bivio products and services. Our software automatically deducts bivio Bucks from your purchase.

The following restrictions apply:

  • A club can enter a referral only for its first subscription.
  • The club must pay for a bivio service or product in order to enter a Club ID referral. Services or products discounted to $0 are not eligible.
  • The payment must be valid. If the referring club is granted a refund or voids the payment, the bivio Bucks award is rescinded.
  • bivio partners and employees and their families may not participate in this promotion.
That's it! Now it's even more profitable to invest with your friends using bivio.