Safety and Privacy
Safety and Privacy

bivio will not sell, reveal or share your personal information.

As a financial services company, we believe customer privacy and data security are essential to our business. All information you give us is handled with care:

  • Personal Information. We will not sell, reveal or share your personal information to third parties, unless we have your explicit consent or are required to do so by law. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.

  • Secure Technology. We use TLS 1.2 (https) encryption with an extended validation certificate to ensure data you transmit through the Internet is protected against unauthorized access.

  • Reliability. Our application runs on several dedicated computers on state-of-the-art, secure, cloud infrastructure, hosted in multiple regions in order to ensure continuous service. Our backup software operates at separate physical locations to ensure that data is not lost due to potential regional internet service disruptions. Our application has been in continuous 24x7 operation since 1999. Our system uptime is better than 99.9% including maintenance windows.

  • Third Party Products. We may sell third party products and services through our site which we feel enhance your bivio experience. You are under no obligation to buy these products. Of course, we encourage you to take advantage of all the products we offer for your investment needs.

  • Social Responsibility. We are committed to sustain our commercial success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment. All employees and contractors are allowed to telecommute, which reduces our consumption of valuable resources and also improves their lives. Our application relies on Open Source Software and we give back to the community through our extensive, open source application framework: The bivio OLTP Platform.

bivio is more than a company to us, it's a way of life.