About bivio
About bivio

bivio was launched by a small group of internet savvy, active investors who realized that there had to be an easier way to manage their group activities.

Our name is derived from the latin bivium, "where two roads meet". bivio is where savvy investment clubs and investment partnerships harness modern technology to manage their operations. We are the most popular online source of investment club accounting.

What we do

We provide you with a set of web-based tools which enable you to create and manage your own investment group online - it's like creating your own personal mutual fund and managing it from a virtual office all your members can visit from wherever they are.

Our mission is to provide you with the simplest, most cost effective way to manage your investment club or investment partnership, do your accounting and prepare your yearly taxes. Our priority is to do this for you while providing the best customer support available.

It must be working. Our customers are very loyal and they love us. See what they say for yourself: