What Can Your Investment Club Do When the Market Is Going Sideways?
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Covered Options-A Tool For The Fundamental Investor

Wednesday, June 27, 8:30PM ET

Do you own stocks that you are holding for future capital appreciation? Would you like to learn more about some simple, conservative options trading strategies that can help you to generate some additional return on them?

Would you like your portfolio's cash to earn more than the current money market rate while you're waiting for stocks you're interested in to drop to the prices you'd like to purchase them at?

Join us online for this months Club Meeting Meeting webinar and learn about how some clubs are using the temporary up and down swings in the market to generate some additional income.

They're selling covered calls on stocks they own which haven't appreciated as much as their fundamental analysis predicts they will. If they're waiting for what they think are fundamentally strong stocks to come into an attractive buy range, they're selling cash secured puts to earn some extra income on the cash they're waiting to invest.

This webinar will cover:

  • How and why selling covered options works
  • The importance of commissions for the options seller
  • How to translate option premiums into potential rates of return for analysis of buying opportunities
  • How to evaluate the "Reward to Risk" ratio for selling an option
  • Why volatility is important to the options seller

The webinar will be given by Paul Madison, a presenter popular with many individual investors. Paul has a BS in Chemical Engineering and is retired after working for Conoco, including several years as a crude oil commodity trader. He has been an investor in individual stocks for over 30 years and trades options in his own portfolio on a regular basis. He is currently a member of a family investment club with members ranging in age from 19 to 92 which uses conservative options strategies to supplement their portfolio returns.

The webinar is free and everyone is invited!

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