Introducing the COOL Club!
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COOL Club!

Wednesday, July 11, 8:30PM ET

It's one thing to read about trading options, it's another thing to try doing it yourself. If your investment club is intrigued with what you've heard about options but you haven't been able to get up the courage to take any action, you might be interested in attending the new bivio COOL_Club. COOL_Club stands for

Covered Options Online Learning Club.

It will be a short, weekly, online discussion about learning to trade covered options.

Each week, join Cool Dude Paul Madison as he discusses the details of a few real, covered options trades that were made during the prior week. Analysis of these real life trades will let you observe the actual decision making process that was used. Insight gained from these real experiences may help you to demystify the process and might give you more courage to try making trades yourselves.

The mission of the COOL_Club will be to help you learn about trading options. We do not intend to give any recommendations for actual trades. However, if time allows, we may look at stocks that you bring to the meeting and give you some pro's and con's of trading covered options on them. We think you may find this information useful in helping you learn to make your own decisions.

The club will meet online for 30 minutes each Wednesday (permanent time to be determined). The sessions will be designed to aid both those new to options and those who are already trading but might like to learn some new tools and techniques. You do not have to commit to anything to participate; you are free to join us online whenever you can. We'll also be taping and posting each session for those who can't make it live.

The kickoff and introduction session is set up for Wednesday July 11th at 8:30pm EDT. All cool people interested in learning more about trading options are invited.

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COOL_Club is guaranteed to be a great way to handle the summer heat!

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