Are You Tired of Not Earning Anything on Cash In Your Sweep Accounts?
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COOL Club!

Wednesday, July 25, 10PM ET

Lots of cash in your portfolio? No good stocks at good prices available to buy right now? Are you tired of earning only .01% interest on your cash sweep account? If so, you might find this weeks session of the Covered Options Online Learning Club (the bivio COOL Club) very interesting.

We're going to discuss some short term, very conservative covered options trading strategies you can implement with broad market ETF's such as SPY to generate some return from your cash. Institutional funds use the same techniques to generate income on cash they're holding. You might find this is one of the easier options trading strategies to learn.

The COOL Club now has a website where you can find archived recordings of any meetings you have missed, the status of trades currently being discussed, a way to join the COOL Club discussion list and other reference materials you can use to learn to use conservative options strategies in your club. The COOL Club website can be found at:


Last weeks COOL club session included a discussion of cash secured puts and a demonstration of a selling a put on Fastenal (FAST). If you weren't able to attend, you can now find a link to the recording on the website. Here's a comment from one of last weeks attendees:

"I have sold a few real money cash seured puts all succesful to my goal. But I still want to insure my trading plan is correct. There is no better way to check one's knowlege than to listen carefully to someone that has been doing the process for a long time. This is about the clearest option presentation I attended. I think this is going to be well received and I hope to share the recordings with some of my investing contacts and see If I can sell the idea that this process works. Excellect job so far." -Bruce M.

To find it, select the Presentations link.

COOL Club will also be meeting August 1, 8, 15 and 22. We are experimenting with a "COOL" schedule to try and accomodate people from around the country. Let us know what you think!

COOL_Club is guaranteed to be a great way to handle the summer heat!

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