Introducing A COOL Tool to Help You Learn To Trade Options
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COOL Club!

Wednesday, August 8, 8PM ET-Presenting a COOL Tool!

Are you interested in learning about trading options, but don't know which one to select when you look at an options chain of quotes?

If so, you might be interested in this weeks session of the Covered Options Online Learning Club (the bivio COOL Club).

We've developed a simple worksheet (a COOL Tool), that you can use to decide on an option to sell. You can use it in conjunction with the Options Industry Council Virtual Simulator to practice trading options without any monetary exposure or risk. This is the best way to get started learning to trade options. You'll find everything makes more sense when you actually try it. As you watch what happens with your virtual trades it will help you to gain the confidence and expertise you need to eventually trade in your real accounts.

It's easier than it seems and you have the COOL Club to turn to for support if you have questions. We even think you'll find it fun. We're planning to have a "homework" example to give you to work on. We'll show you how to get started on Wednesday and work through it together over the following week so you won't be alone as you try to navigate new territory.

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Remember that there's a COOL Club website where you can find archived recordings of any meetings you have missed, the status of trades currently being discussed, a way to join the COOL Club discussion list and other reference materials you can use to learn to use conservative options strategies in your club. The COOL Club website can be found at:


The July 25 COOL Club recording is now available if you go to the Presentations link. Do you have cash you're holding while you're waiting for a good opportunity to invest in stocks? Would you like to earn some income on it while you wait? If so, you should find this discussion of selling Cash Secured Puts and Covered Calls on Broad Market Indices fascinating.

Lots of COOL clubs are finding out how interesting it is to learn more about implementing some of the conservative options trading strategies we're discussing in COOL Club. Hope you can join us and find out what they're all excited about!

See you online!
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