So Many Stocks, So Little Time-Recording Now Available
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Lynn Ostrem

So Many Stocks, So Little Time

If you missed Lynn Ostrems sell out presentation last Thursday, you missed a good one.

Here are some comments from attendees:

"Superb presentation, one I will have to play again."

"It motivated me to follow the disciplined approach that Lynn presented."

"I learned a ton of valuable information that I will be sharing with our investment club. Thank you for providing this service!"

"Down-to-earth. Practical. Logical. Step-by-step. Just an overall wonderful hour's worth of information."

"Loved this info. You always have fantastic presentations. Thank you so very much for such great accessible info - you are providing a key to the financial world's door that I'd never be able to enter without your help."

The good news is that it was recorded and you still have an opportunity to see it. You'll find the links to the handout and the recording at:


You'll also find a link on the bivio Facebook page. Make sure to "Like" it and let Lynn know you appreciated her efforts! We certainly do.

Thank you again Lynn for doing the presentation for everyone!


Looking for an easy educational session for your next club meeting?

We're pleased to announce the creation of the biviochannel on YouTube. The biviochannel will allow you to watch some of our wonderful webinar recordings easily on your IPad, SmartPhone, Apple TV or any device that will display YouTube videos.

Lynn's recording is already available on the biviochannel here:

So Many Stocks, So Little Time

You can even subscribe to the channel and be notified when new recordings are uploaded:

Subscribe Here

It's easy to try it. All you need to do is pop the popcorn ahead of time!

See you online!
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