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Positive News and Positive Actions

Are you tired of endless mudslinging? Would you like to think about something positive and constructive?

Apparently a lot of you would answer this with a yes. We continue to get Likes on a Facebook post we made on Labor Day:

Happy Labor Day!

In the spirit of positive actions, you're invited to 2 webinars we have scheduled for you on Wednesday, November 7. They are aimed at helping you learn more about investing. Success is a journey. Don't watch from the sidelines. We celebrate all of you who are getting in there and spending your energy trying to learn to get better.

What better way to do it than by attending our fun and friendly bivio webinars!

COOL Club - Covered Options Online Learning Club

Join us on Wednesday Nov. 7 at 5PM ET for the next session of the Covered Options Online Learning Club.

This week COOL Dude Paul Madison will be talking about selling covered options on Index ETF's. Watch and learn how to use the Index ETF COOL TOOL to pick good options to sell. This is a conservative way to generate some income on cash in your portfolio while you are waiting for good opportunities to purchase stocks at good prices.

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Dashboard Diagnostics

At 8:30PM ET on Nov. 7, join us for Dashboard Diagnostics. Mark Robertson from Manifest Investing will be reviewing the portfolio of a real investment club from Northern Virginia.

The club recently made some smart portfolio moves when they had a couple of members who had to withdraw. Sometimes that can be a catalyst that can help you do what you need to do anyway to manage your portfolio. Join us online to learn more about how they handled things and why. You're sure to come away with some good ideas you can use to manage your own club portfolios.

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