Interested in Sharing Your Experience as Retail Investors?
Has Recent Stock Market Volatility Affected Your Investment Club?

We've been contacted by a reporter from a major newspaper who is doing an article on retail investors and the stock market. He is wondering whether you have had any fallout in your clubs because of the stock market's volatility and uncertainty.

He is wondering whether there is anything happening in investment clubs that might give him some insight into retail investor thinking in general. If any of you would be interested in sharing your club's experiences or being interviewed, we'd appreciate it if you had a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey:


COOL Club - Covered Options Online Learning Club

Join us on Wednesday Nov. 28 at 9PM ET for the next session of the Covered Options Online Learning Club.

This weeks special topic will be a discussion of the tax issues you should understand if you are trading covered options.

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