Save Money and Get Ready to do 2012 Investment Club Taxes with bivio!
It's Time To Think About Taxes (For a Few Minutes)

It's important to take a little bit of time before the end of the year to think about your investment club taxes so you won't have any surprises when it's time to do them for 2012.

Join us for an hour on December 16 at 8:30PM ET and we'll outline what you'll need to know about getting ready for tax season. Then, you can go back to your holiday merry making comfortable that your club will be prepared and tax season will be simple and free of stress.

We'll discuss filing requirements, give you a brief overview of the tax preparation process, highlight important dates, discuss getting your records ready, review cost basis reporting issues you need to be aware of, make sure you understand the scope of the bivio program when it comes to tax preparation, discuss tax loss harvesting and give you a list of things you want to make sure are taken care of prior to the end of the calendar year.

We encourage all members of your clubs to join us. Taxes aren't only the treasurers responsibility! This presentation will highlight what everyone who is a member of the club should be aware of.

Looking forward to sharing an evening with you all! Feel free to bring eggnog!

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No Extra "Tax Printers" to Purchase!

If your bivio subscription is current when tax time rolls around, you'll have access to our easy to use federal tax preparation program. You don't have to pre-order anything extra or spend any extra money.

If you know any clubs that might be interested in switching to bivio, this is a great time of year to help them and yourself. If they switch now, they'll be able to do their 2012 taxes during their 3 month free trial.

It's an easy switch to bivio from other investment club accounting programs. You'll save them from paying extra to do taxes for 2012 and they'll save on doing their accounting for next year too!


When they start their regular subscription, your club will receive $50 bivio bucks toward your own subscription renewal. So you'll be able to do next years taxes and your accounting for $50 less than our already low rates! Feel free to contact us at support@bivio.com if you have any questions or you'd like to take advantage of this offer!

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