Your bivio Investment Club Tax Season
When Can We Prepare Our Club Taxes?

It's a slow start to this years tax season. The IRS is not even accepting individual returns prior to January 30.

The good news is that if you have an active bivio subscription, there is nothing else you'll need to purchase to prepare your investment club taxes.

We are targeting to have the 2012 program released in mid to late February. There are some significant changes in the forms this year that were just released. We are working on incorporating them into the program now.

You will also not be able to prepare your club taxes until you've received your 1099's from your broker. You will need information from them to fill in the tax forms. Brokers are supposed to have 1099's to you by February 15, but check their websites, some are already saying they will not be available until later than that.

Tax preparation will go very quickly once the program is released if you've taken the time between now and then to make sure your investment club records are accurate. There are two things you can and should do now:

Conduct a Club Audit

We highly recommend you conduct a club audit. We've designated January 19 and 20th Audit Party Weekend. We'll be doing webinars at two different times about how to do an audit and we'll be available all weekend to answer questions. You can register to attend atwww.bivio.com/club_cafe

Partying afterward is allowed and encouraged!

Reconcile Your Gain/Loss Report

You'll have the best chance of matching your 1099 information quickly if the Gain/Loss report from bivio matches what your brokerage shows. You can check this now by following these steps:

  1. Find the Realized Gain/Loss report on your brokers website.
  2. Compare it to the Capital Gains report produced by bivio.

    All the information, including cost basis, sales proceeds, transaction dates and gain/loss amounts should agree with what your broker shows

  3. If it doesn't, determine why and fix your bivio records or have your broker fix their data.

    If you find an issue you need help figuring out, let us know as soon as possible by emailing support@bivio.com. There are some issues that can take us some time to help you work through and our support workload will be getting greater and greater as we go into tax season.

Looking forward to working with you this year!
Your friends at bivio

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