bivio 2012 Investment Club Tax Program Is Released!
The 2012 Tax Program is Released!

We have been working very diligently to incorporate the last minute changes to the investment club tax program. It is now available for you to use if you go to Accounting>Taxes.

There are some significant changes this year. You will not be able to prepare your club taxes until you've received your 1099's from your broker. You will need information from them to fill in the tax forms. Brokers are supposed to have 1099's to you by February 15, but check their websites, some are already saying they will not be available until later than that.

Please let us know if you see discrepancies between the information on your 1099's and your information in bivio that you do not know how to correct. For the fastest service, please email your questions to support@bivio.com. Include a copy of your 1099 form with the email so we can see for ourselves what you might need to do to address your issue.

Even if you feel you need a phone call, we recommend you email and let us know your phone number and two or three times when you might be available. Please understand that calling is probably the slowest method to get an answer to a question. You should email with the specifics if at all possible.

Webinar On Using The New Tax Program

We will be holding a webinar on Sunday evening, February 24 at 8:30PM ET to show you the process you will be using to prepare your investment club taxes with the new tax program. The webinar is free and everyone is invited but space is limited so sign up soon.

You can register to attend at www.bivio.com/club_cafe

We will also be taping and posting a copy of this webinar if you are not available to attend on Sunday.

State Tax Programs Also Available

The state tax programs for CO, NJ, NY, PA and CA have also been released. If the address for your club that you have stored in bivio is in one of those states, you will be presented with the appropriate questions you need to complete the forms when you take the Federal tax interview.

If your club needs to file state taxes and you are in a state we do not provide state taxes for, stay tuned. In the very near future we will be providing details of a cost effective option you will have available to get them done for your club.

Looking forward to working with you this year!
Your friends at bivio

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