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An Orientation To Investment Club Record Keeping

Your investment club is an investment partnership for accounting and tax reporting purposes. This impacts the way your club records need to be kept as well as your personal tax situation. If everyone in your club has a basic understanding of your club record keeping, it will help you avoid misunderstandings and tax problems. In addition, everyone will feel more comfortable that their club ownership and investment performance is being tracked correctly.

Join us online on Wednesday, June 5 at 8:30PM for an orientation to keeping your invesment club records. This presentation is designed to give all club members a simple overview of what it means to be part of an investment partnership and what is important for everyone to know about tracking your club finances. We'd recommend it for all your club members.

It is also the first in our series of three treasurer training webinars. If you are a new investment club treasurer, it will give you the basic background you'll need as you get started.

The presentation is free and everyone is invited. We always have fun and you'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions. Hope you can join us!

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Treasurer Training

Are you a new club treasurer or assistant treasurer? Are you a current treasurer who'd just like to learn a little more? Join us online on June 9 and June 11 at 8:30PM ET for two webinars which will cover the basics of what you'll need to do as a club treasurer.

Monthly Treasurer Tasks-June 9, 8:30PM ET

What should you make sure you do every month if you're the club treasurer? How should you report to your club so everyone stays up to date? We'll discuss handling and recording member payments, recording stock purchases and sales, recording income, reconciling your records and giving your monthly treasurer's report. We'll also show you how you can use bivio AccountSync to do many of these things for you automatically each month!

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Non-Monthly Treasurer Tasks-June 11, 8:30PM ET

This presentation discusses the things you need to do as club treasurer that you don't do every month. We'll talk about what you do when a member withdraws, how to enter club expenses, how to reimburse a member who pays an expense, what to do if a member pays in advance, your annual club audit and what you will need to know about preparing your club's taxes.

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