Get Ready To Do Your Investment Club Taxes
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Get ready to do your investment club taxes! Join us for Audit Party Weekend, January 24 and 25!

The number one thing you can do now to make sure you'll be able to prepare your investment club taxes quickly is to make sure your bivio records are correct.

Whether or not you're a club treasurer, ask questions. To start, make sure you know that the cash balance shown for your accounts in bivio agrees with your brokerage (and bank) statements as of the end of 2014. Then, make sure the number of shares in bivio for each of your stocks agrees with what your final brokerage statement shows.

If those two things don't agree, your club has work to do prior to preparing any tax forms. Make sure to get any issues resolved. All club members are responsible for tax filings being correct.

Even if there are no problems when you do the checks above, the only way to know that all of your records are correct is to do a club audit. This time of year is a great time to do one. It gets your records in shape so you're ready to do taxes when your 1099's and the tax program arrive in mid February.

How do you do an audit? You'll find it's easy and even fun using our guided steps and audit form.

Audit party weekend is Jan. 24 and 25th. We'll be doing a webinar on the 24th that will demonstrate the steps you go through to do an audit. We'll also be available all weekend to help you clear up any questions or issues you find.

A club audit protects all of you. Make sure to put it on the calendar. When it's done, plan to put on your party hats and celebrate!

Register Now - Saturday Jan. 24, 1PM ET
Unable to attend? Here's a link to last years presentation and this years audit form:
How To Do An Investment Club Audit
2014 Tax Season

Are your club members asking when their tax forms will be ready? Point them to this page:

2014 Tax Season Information

It contains all the information you need to know about negotiating a successful tax season for your club.

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