Get Your Investment Club Taxes Done As Soon As Possible
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It's almost time to prepare your investment club taxes. The bulk of the work that needs to be done to prepare them correctly is to make sure your records in bivio are correct.

You don't have to wait to do this. Take time now to get them into ship shape. If you do, when you receive your 1099 forms and the tax program is released in February, your tax preparation will go very quickly.

Doing a club audit is the best way to confirm your investment club accounting is accurate.

Join us this Saturday, January 16 at 2PM Eastern Time for a webinar about how to do one.

We've put together a "Cookbook" your investment club can use that shows you what to do. During the webinar we'll demonstrate how to use it.

Everyone is invited but space is limited.

Register Now - Audit Party -Jan. 16, 2016 2PM Eastern Time

Get a group together, get your records in ship shape and organize a party to celebrate afterward!

What else do you have to do this weekend? The holidays are over and the weather means many of you are stuck inside anyway.

We're stuck inside too so we'll be around all weekend to help you resolve any issues you find that you don't know how to correct. Just send any questions to support@bivio.com

See you online!
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