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Preparing for Investment Club Tax Season
What you need to do now to get ready

Preparing Taxes

Your 2016 investment club tax forms will need to be filed by March 15, 2017. This is a month earlier than you've had to get them filed in the past.

The good news is that you don't have to worry about meeting the new deadline. Put a little time into getting ready now and you'll be able to easily get them done on time.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 8:30PM Eastern Time, join us online for a webinar where we'll tell you how.

We'll discuss what you'll need to know about the 2016 tax season. You can do checks now that will let you address problems in a timely manner. Why wait until the last minute and the potential for delays when it's time to do your taxes?

In the webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Investment Club tax filing requirements
  • A brief overview of the tax preparation process
  • Important deadline dates
  • Getting your records ready
  • Cost basis reporting issues you'll want to address now to avoid filing delays
  • Types of investments that will cause you problems with tax preparation
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Things to take care of prior to the end of the 2016 calendar year

We encourage all members of your clubs to join us. Taxes aren't only the treasurer's responsibility! Everyone who is a member of an investment club is responsible for making sure that correct taxes are filed.

It's online, it's free and everyone is invited but space is limited.

Register Now To Join Us!

Looking forward to sharing an evening with you all!

PS. Don't pay any attention to emails from others encouraging you to buy a "Tax Printer". If you have an active bivio subscription, you have nothing extra you need to purchase to prepare your Federal taxes!

Upcoming Tax Webinars

Getting Prepared is the first of 3 webinars we'll be giving to help make sure you know everything you need to prepare your investment club taxes. We'll also be doing these webinars early in 2017:

  1. How to Do an Investment Club Audit - Saturday, January 14, 2017, 2PM Eastern Time

    Register Now!

  2. How to Prepare Your Investment Club Taxes - Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 8:30PM Eastern Time

    Register Now!

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