Please Give A Warm Welcome To....
Welcome to bivio!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the two newest members of our bivio support staff, Joanne Hermiston and Becky Kruse.

Joanne is a detail-oriented and customer focused professional with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. She has expertise in accounting, financial processes, business systems, and tax filings. Joanne earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Accounting and in Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration, as well as CPA certification. She has an extensive background, with over 35 years in accounting, customer service and support. Joanne has experience with individual and partnership tax returns. She's been a member of a bivio club since 2008 with 7 years of Treasurer/Asst Treasurer responsibilities. Based on her passion for investing and helping others, Joanne is eager to assist club members utilize the full potential of bivio

Becky has enjoyed being a member of her Minnesota investment club for the past twenty years. After being impressed with bivio software and service for her club's accounting, she's delighted to be able to provide assistance to bivio clubs as part of the bivio support team. Becky worked in corporate technical support and training for Minnesota Mutual Life and has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Gustavus Adolphus College and a Masters of Arts from the University of St. Thomas in Business Education. She is an avid genealogist and enjoys travel and a good game of bridge.

They have both enthusiastically jumped into the process of learning more about answering all the various questions your clubs pose.

We're sure you'll enjoy the opportunity to work with both of them.

We've already let them know the best thing about working for bivio is the wonderful customers they get to know and help.

Welcome aboard Joanne and Becky!

See you online!
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