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2023 Tax Software Now Available, with NEW California and Colorado E-filing!

Preparing Taxesbivio offers e-filing for your club's federal tax return and now also for California and Colorado state returns.

E-filing is quick, easy, secure, and already included with your bivio subscription.

The bivio 2023 tax software gives you the option to e-file your returns with the IRS, or you can choose to print and mail your club's federal tax return. bivio will also prepare your state tax forms for CA, CO, NJ, NY, and PA depending on your bivio subscription level. California mandates e-filing for California partnerships so both their federal and California state returns will be e-filed.

If you e-file, first review the e-filing authorization. Type your name to electronically sign the e-filing authorization and click to submit your return to the IRS. It is that simple. Your club will receive an email telling you the return was submitted and another email notifying you that the return has been accepted by the IRS. After the return is accepted you can mail or e-file any state returns and give your club members online access to their tax documents.

Get started now preparing your club's taxes in bivio!

Your 2023 investment club tax forms need to be filed by March 15, 2024.

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