New IRS Reporting Requirements for Your Investment Club
New Reporting Requirements

Starting this year, a new tax program is being phased in which requires your broker to report your capital gains to the IRS.

What does that mean for your investment club?

It means there is an additional reason the information on your club tax return will need to be correct. The IRS will now have another thing to check it against.

In our experience, brokers have not done a very good job of calculating this information correctly in the past. Fortunately for your club, part of the service we provide is to help you make sure it's tracked correctly in your bivio records.

You may find you'll need to work with your broker to make sure their records are accurate. For example, you'll want to make sure you know how they're doing their calculations. Brokers are now offering different options for calculating capital gains. The IRS specifies default options but we've already found one broker that is incorrectly offering another one as a default.

Cost basis tracking and the new capital gains reporting rules will be the topic of this months Club Meeting Meeting Presentation on Thursday, November 3 at 8:30PM ET.

We'll be discussing what will be reported and what you need to check in your records to make sure your tax preparation will stay as simple as possible.

The webinar is free and all are invited but space is limited. Register now atwww.bivio.com/club_cafe

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