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Trefis Presentation

Have you ever wondered how much the news you are reading about a company might impact its stock price? Have you ever been in a club meeting and made a judgment based on someones anecdotal stories or the fact that they spoke louder than everyone else? Did you ever wish you had some additional tools which would help you make an informed decision?

If so, you might be interested in trying Trefis. Trefis is led by a group of MIT engineers and Wall Street analysts. They take extensive financial data and develop a graphic display that shows you what drives the value of a company's business.

Check their web site out at www.Trefis.com and you'll see how they help you really get a sense of how a company's products impact its stock valuation. In a club meeting you could use the Trefis graphical display to do instant and simple "What If" studies and see the real impact of a change on the possible value of a stock.

They have agreed to do a webinar for us to show you how you can use their site to help you make your investing decisions. It will take place on November 17, at 8:30PM ET. It's free and everyone is invited. You're sure to find it very interesting.

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