An Extra Special bivio Club Offer From Trefis!
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Special Trefis Offer for Your bivio Club!

One of the most successful money managers, Peter Lynch said -" buy what you know, and get to know the products/services if you buy the stock".

It's important to pause and think about whether you really know the companies you invest in.

How can you learn more about them? You can, of course, read through and analyze all the financial reports they put out. Or, you can let Trefis.com put the numbers together for you in an interactive graphical model.

Trefis gave a webinar for bivio club members on November 17 (Recording). They demonstrated how you can use their interactive research and tools to help you make investing decisions. Since then we have seen interest from many club members in using their service.

We are pleased to announce that Trefis has developed a special club offer, just for bivio clubs!

Until now, to use Trefis you had to register as an individual at www.trefis.com. They offer a free version, Trefis Basic, and also Trefis Pro for $14.95 per month. For bivio club members, Trefis now offers the ability to register as a club to use Trefis Pro. The club price will be $299 per year and will let all your members have access.


If you sign up before February 1, 2012, the first year price for your entire club to use Trefis Pro will be only $199!

Trefis Pro offers unlimited access to the Trefis site including the ability to:

  • Create "What-if?" scenarios for a company or companies and save an unlimited number of them. (free users can only save one at a time) This means all your club members could develop their own opinions independently and they'd all be available for you to view and discuss during your club meeting.
  • View the full Profit and Loss (P&L) information used to make the Trefis models in spreadsheet form (free users can only unlock details on one company per day)
  • For the most sophisitcated analysis, you can access and modify all the detail in the model, not just the main drivers (free users can only see this for one company per day)
  • Access complete write-ups presenting rationale for all judgments made by Trefis. This allows you to decide what judgments you might like to adjust to come up with your own stock price prediction.
  • Download the full Trefis PDF research report-A complete, professional stock study done for you!
  • Pro users get an advanced look at time-sensitive analysis such as IPOs, earnings releases, stock swings, and new company coverage.

Having access to Trefis Pro at a monthly club meeting lets you examine an unlimited number of companies and support the discussion with fact based analysis.

Great Value!

A Trefis Pro membership for one person for one year costs $179.

The special bivio club promotional price lets all your club members use it for the first year for only $199!

Register Now!

To take advantage of this offer:

  • Designate someone to register your club at www.trefis.com/bivio
  • That person will be invited to create an individual account first, if he/she does not already have one.
  • He/she will register the club and pay the annual club fee.
  • A confirmation page will provide a link with a promotion code to forward to other club members so that they can register as Trefis Pro users without any additional charge. An email with this information will also be sent to the club registrant, which can be forwarded to other club members.

If you want to try Trefis Pro first, you can register as an individual and get a free two week trial, after which you will be charged the individual subscription price. Just remember to cancel before the end of the trial, and you can re-register as a club member to get the club price.

Questions? Email us at support@bivio.com

Register now!

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