COOL Club Recording Posted!
For all who are interested, the recording of the first COOL Club session is now available for your viewing pleasure. It covers:

Topics: About COOL Club, Covered Call Introduction, Example of Covered Call on ALGN.

and answers to these:

Questions: How do I find out how much I'll get if I sell an option?, What is "Open Interest"?, What is Volume and is it important?, Should I place a market or limit order?, What is the best way to get started?,Can you trade options in an investment club?

You can get to the recording through a link on the COOL Club homepage,

From that page, you can also access the sign up for this weeks session which will be about Cash Secured puts, a link to sign up for the new COOL Club discussion list and the current status of the example call option sold on ALGN that was discussed in last weeks session.

It's all very cool! Enjoy!

Laurie Frederiksen
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