Presenting a COOL TOOL for Determining When to Buy Back An Option

Wednesday, August 15, 9PM ET

At last weeks COOL Club Session, (Recording Posted Here) the Covered Call COOL TOOL was introduced. You can use it to learn how to select good options to sell to open a covered call position.

At this weeks session, we'll be discussing how to close your position. The Covered Call COOL TOOL can also help you determine an appropriate time and price to "Buy Back" an option to close your position.

Attendees were excited about the introduction to the Covered Call COOL TOOL last week:

"Very interesting - have dabbled in covered calls but this is a really good tool to help choose and to provide some discipline to the process." -Jane L.

"This was VERY helpful! Anything that gives us hands on and tools to make it easier and/or understandable is greatly appreciated." - Julie M.

"Helped simplify the selection process".-Saul S.

"Your explanation on PEP helped me a lot. I love the new tool." -Chuck B.

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Lots of COOL clubs are finding out how interesting it is to learn more about implementing some of the conservative options trading strategies we're discussing in COOL Club. Hope you can join us and find out what they're all excited about!

Laurie Frederiksen