Amaze Yourself. Don't Forget to Try Project Disney!
Don''t forget that you have an ideal opportunity to start learning about selling covered calls. In last weeks COOL Club meeting, COOL Dude Paul Madison presented a set of easy instructions that will walk you through using the new COOL Tool to determine if there is a good call option available to sell on Disney. Those who have completed the exercise have learned a lot. It's a prime opportunity to see if you've understood the things Paul has been discussing. It's also a prime opportunity to ask any questions you have when you try do do things for yourself.

If you really want to learn about selling covered calls, it's a great opportunity to get some personalized advice. We're looking forward to hearing from more of you and learning from each others questions, mistakes and successes!

You can find the instructions as one of the links under the August 8 session on the COOL Club Presentations Page or get to them directly here:

COOL CLub Project Disney

Don't forget to join us for tonights session at 9PM ET to see how everyone did and learn how to use the COOL Tool to determine how to close out your position.

See you online!

Laurie Frederiksen
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