Update to Covered_Call_COOL_TOOL
A new version of the Covered_Call_COOL_TOOL has just been posted. Just a few minor tweaks.

On the "Sell-To-Open"
Fixed the Weekly to switch on Thursday to the new Weekly available for the following Friday.

I still only show information for Weekly, Front Month, and Second Month, however in the section where you enter the actual option you are looking at you can pick from monthly expirations that go out a year in the future (I did not add quarterlies as that it for ETFs).

On "Closing the Option"
Here you also will be able to enter expiration dates that include the current weekly, the next weekly, and all the monthlies a year out.

After you have downloaded the latest copy of the spreadsheet, you should be seeing it say Version 2.01 (in a lighter grey color) in the upper right side of both the "Sell-To-Open" sheet as well as the "Closing the Option" sheet.


Paul Madison