Email Tip
Hi Dudes and Duddettes,

I was listening to a seminar from InvestEd and the comment was made that if you give out your email to Navalier or other sites, you'll get spammed daily with solicitations.

Couple of email tricks I learned some time back...

Make a junk email on Yahoo, gmail or Hotmail. Don't use anything in the email that associates the email to your name or geography. Don't use celebrity names either. Use this email if a web site requires one to get to the information. Authenticate and then go about your business. IF the site proves beneficial, you can always update the email.

Make a Secret email for your bank and investment accounts. Use this email for just those accounts and no where else... ever. Set up this email to be received only on your trusted machine at home... really, if you're banking from your phone, you've got issues already. This will reduce the ability of identity theft tremendously.

Just a couple of tips that I use.