Case Study Request
So far, all buy one trade has gone well for me and I've kept to the rule: don't loose money! Even my one trade that went wrong made money.

I'm considering, IMO, a risky trade. But before I do, I'd like to hear from more experience members about trades that went wrong. I feel that you learn more from mistakes than from doing things right.

It's kind of a time critical issue - options are inherently tied to time. Which brings up another topic - what would happen to the intrinsic value component of an option as it nears the event horizon of a black hole? The time value would slow to infinite and I'm pretty sure liquidity would spaghettify. Hmmm. That is a Saturday puzzle.

But if you have a sour trade that can be educational, I'd appreciate learning about the experience before walking down that road myself!

Thanks in advance,

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